'Beijing World City': roundtable discussion with the BASS delegation

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Time: 2:30-4:30 17th September (Friday) 2010
Venue: Seligman Library A607 (previous number) or OLD6.05 (new number) in the Old Building, LSE
Chair: Dr Xiangqun Chang,
Key speaker: Mr Richard Brown, Director of Strategy for the Olympic Park Legacy Company and Advisor of the LSE Cities

List of the delegates:

  • TAN Weike, President, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences (BASS), Director of the "Beijing World City Research Base" (BWCRB), BASS
  • FENG Xiaoying, Professional Research Fellow & Director, Institute of Sociology, BASS
  • YE Limei, Professional Research Fellow & Deputy Director, Institute of Urban Research, BASS
  • TANG Xin, Secretary-general of the "Beijing World City Research Base" (BWCRB), BASS
  • YANG Song, Associated Professional Research Fellow, Institute of Management Research BASS


  • 2:30-3:10 Mr Richard Brown, presentation on the issues that the BASS proposed
  • 3:10-3:20 Dr Xiangqun Chang, brief introduction about the LSE Cities, and a big project on urban China, led by Professors Athar Hussain and Stephan Feuchtwang
  • 3:20-3:30 Tea break
  • 3:30-4:00 Presentations by the CASS delegates
  • 4:00-4:30 Discussion

The key speaker

Richard Brown, the Director of Strategy for the Olympic Park Legacy Company, is responsible for corporate planning and strategy, and programme integration for the legacy of the London 2012 Olympics, and the redevelopment of one of the largest urban sites in Europe. Previously, Richard was part of the team that established the office of the Mayor of London in 2000, and worked for the first Mayor of London (Ken Livingstone) as Private Secretary, and then as head of the newly-formed Architecture and Urbanism Unit, which promoted architectural and urban design excellence in London's policy documents and major projects.

Richard received degrees from the Universities of Oxford and London. He is also writer and consultant on urban policy and practice - how towns and cities work, and how they can be made to work better. He acts as an advisor for the LSE's Urban Age, an interdisciplinary programme of conferences on the future of cities, as well as for commissions on urban and regeneration strategy, which analyse the economic impact of cultural institutions and urban partnership development. Currently, Richard is developing a research project on tactics and strategy in urban governance. More info is on his website: http://www.richardfjbrown.co.uk/

The delegation

"Beijing World City Research Base (BWCRB)" was established at the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences (BASS) in July 2010. The newly formed Research Base has released a World City Index System, through which it will score Beijing's performance on 36 indices. The indices will be used to measure what is needed to become a world city and the progress Beijing is making.

The index system will measure Beijing in three main areas - overall strength, networking status and supporting conditions. The sections will involve detailed analysis of sub-categories such as hard power, soft power, infrastructure, cultural status, economic status, political status and more. Quantitative analysis will be given by scoring each of the 36 indices, such as GDP, number of global top 500 universities, number of five-star restaurants, number of overseas students and so on, according to Qi Xin, vice Secretary-General of the BWCRB. The BWCRB will next set a standard mark for each index and compare Beijing with New York, London and Tokyo - the three cities generally recognized as being truly world cities.

Beijing Academy of Social Sciences (BASS) is under the administration of Beijing Municipal Government, mainly focusing on research in economics, politics, culture and socially coordinated development. It is involved in academic and practical matters to do with governmental reformation; and provides theoretical support for governmental decision making, as well as long-term strategy planning.

The Director of BWCRB, Mr. Tan Weike, the President of BASS, formerly Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing City Government (1997-98) and Fujian Provincial Government (1994-97), will lead a delegation from BASS to visit London and Paris from 15 to 26th September. Other delegates are Professorial Research Fellows: Feng Xiaoying, Director, Institute of Sociology, Ye Limei, Deputy Director, Institute of Urban Research, Yang Song, Institute of Management Research, and Mr Tang Xin, the secretary-general of the "Beijing World City Research Base (BWCRB)" .

According to Tang Xin, the secretary-general of BWCRB, becoming a world city could increase the country's comprehensive national strength, but Tan warned there are still potential risks, such as social polarization and structural unemployment, which might cause damage to Beijing's long-term development. Especially, Tang raised the question: how can Beijing become a world city as a city from a developing country, whereas other world cities are all from developed countries?

Purpose of the event

In their "journal to the West" the delegation are seeking advanced studies and experiences from the Western academics and practitioners on the following issues:

  • Construction and planning of large cities, especially international metropolises, e.g. London
  • Global city development rules and trends
  • Elements and standards of the global city
  • Beijing research exchange and discussion

They are also willing to exchanges views on related issues and explore possibilities for future collaboration.

Other activities that are coordinated by the CCPN

10-12am 17th September: a round table discussion at UCL, see agenda below:

  • UCL-China agenda: Prof Mike Batty (on behalf of the Pro-Provost for China, Hong Kong and Macao)
  • The Bartlett-China agenda: Prof Yvonne Rydin, Dr. Le-yin Zhang, Prof. Mike Batty and David Cobb
  • CPRG, about the group: Richard Wang, Paula Morais, Tse-Hui Teh and Tao Yang
  • Bartlett presentations: Prof. Bill Hillier (Suzhou and new Beijing CBD)
  • Tea break
  • CCPN and BASS delegation introduction (a few words)
  • Discussion

This event is coordinated by Paula Morais and Richard Wang, China Planning Research Group (CPRG), Bartlett School of Planning, University College London (UCL), which is by invitation only. See more info about the CPRG from its website: http://www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/research/planning/cprg.html#members 

7:00-9:00pm 18th September: a roundtable discussion at the delegation's hotel 

  • This event is arranged for whose academics from UCL, LSE and other places who were unable to participate in the above two events.
  • If anybody else is interested in the event, please contact to Dr Xiangqun Chang (x.chang@lse.ac.uk) for details.


  • The information about BWCRB, BASS, is provided by Mr Marco Chen, Liaison of BASS
  • As the LSE members of the Urban China project are on a visit to China, regrettably, they are unable to attend the event, as did the whole centre of the LSE Cities due to their annual trip to Paris.
  • The event at LSE is open to all but spaces are very limited and registration is required
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北京世界城: 与北京社会科学院 (BASS)代表团的圆桌讨论

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时间: 2010年9月17日(星期五) 2点半至4点半
地点: 伦敦政经学院 Old Building Seligman 图书馆 A607 (旧房号) 或 OLD6.05 (新房号)
主席: 常向群博士
主要讲者: 奥林匹克公园遗留公司策略董事及LSE城市顾问 Richard Brown 先生


  • TAN Weike, 北京社会科学院 (BASS) 院长, "北京世界城研究基地(BWCRB)主任, 北京社会科学院
  • FENG Xiaoying, 北京社会科学院社会学研究所专业研究员及主任
  • YE Limei, 北京社会科学院城市研究研究所专业研究员及副主任
  • TANG Xin, 北京社会科学院北京世界城研究基地 (BWCRB)总书记
  • YANG Song, 北京社会科学院管理研究所副专业研究员


  • 2:30-3:10 Richard Brown先生对北京社会科学院建议的题目作出发表
  • 3:10-3:20 常向群博士对LSE 城市及市区中国的大项目作出简单介绍, 由 Athar Hussain 教授及王斯福领导
  • 3:20-3:30 茶点
  • 3:30-4:00 CASS 代表的发表
  • 4:00-4:30 讨论


Richard Brown, 奥林匹克公园遗产公司策略董事。他负责公司的规划和战略,2012年伦敦奥运会的遗产的项目整合,和欧洲其中一个最大的城市地点的重建。此前,Richard 是在2000年建立伦敦市长办公室的团队的一部分及任伦敦第一位市长(Ken Livingstone)的私人秘书,然后成为推动了在伦敦的政策文件和重大项目的建筑和城市设计优秀的新成立的建筑和城市规划单位的负责人。

Richard 从牛津大学和伦敦大学拿到学位。他也是作家和城市政策及实践的顾问- 城镇和城市如何运作,以及它们如何可以被运作得更好。他是伦敦经济学院的都市时代,一个关于城市的未来,以及对城市再生战略,文化机构和城市伙伴发展的经济影响的委员会的会议的一个跨学科项目的一个顾问。目前, Richard 正在制定城市治理的战术和战略的研究项目。上他的网站看更多: http://www.richardfjbrown.co.uk/


 “北京世界城市研究基地 (BWCRB) 是在 2010年7月在北京社会科学院(BASS) 成立。新成立的研究基地发布了一个世界城市指标体系,通过它将会给北京的表现36指数的评分。该指标将会被用来衡量需要什么去成为一个世界城市和北京正在作的进步。

该指标体系将衡量北京的三个主要领域 - 综合实力,网络地位和支持条件。该部分将涉及像硬实力,软实力,基础设施,文化地位,经济地位,政治地位等子类的详细分析。根据BWCRB的副秘书长齐新,数量分析将会根据对36个指数的每一个,像GDP,全球前500名大学的数量,五星级饭店的数量,海外学生人数的数量等的评分来考虑。BWCRB接着将会订立各项指标的标准,并将北京与纽约,伦敦和东京这三个被认为是真正的世界城市作比较。

北京社会科学院(BASS)是在北京市政府的管理之下,主要集中在经济,政治,文化和社会协调发展的研究。它参与和政府改革有关的学术和实践事务; 并为政府决策及长期战略规划提供理论支持。

 "北京世界城研究基地(BWCRB)主任, 北京社会科学院 (BASS) 院长及前福建省委副书记(1994-97)和北京市政委副书记(1997-98)Tan Weike 先生将会从9月15至26日率领一个北京社会科学院的代表团访问伦敦和巴黎。其他代表团成员是专业研究员: 社会学研究所主任Feng Xiaoying, 城市研究研究所副主任Ye Limei, 管理研究所Yang Song及北京世界城研究基地 (BWCRB)总书记Tang Xin先生。,

据BWCRB主任Tang Xin, 成为世界城市可以提高国家的综合国力, 但唐警告仍存在潜在的风险, 如可能会损害北京的长远发展的社会两极分化和结构性失业。尤其是, 唐提出了一个当其他世界城市均来自发达国家的时候, 北京如何才能作为一个来自发展中国家的城市成为一个世界城市的问题,?



  • 大城市,尤其是像伦敦的国际化大都市的建设和规划
  • 全球城市的发展规律和趋势
  • 全球城市的要素和标准
  • 北京研究交流和讨论


其他 CCPN 安排的活动

9月17日星期五早上10-12点在UCL的圆桌辩论, 看下面的议程:

  • UCL-中国议程: Mike Batty 教授 (代表中国, 香港和澳门的教务长)
  • Bartlett-中国议题: Yvonne Rydin 教授, Le-yin Zhang 博士, Mike Batty 及 David Cobb 博士
  • CPRG, 关于集团: Richard Wang, Paula Morais, Tse-Hui Teh 和 Tao Yang
  • Bartlett 发表: Bill Hillier 教授 (苏州和新北京 CBD)
  • 茶点
  • CCPN 和 BASS 代表团介绍 (几句话)
  • 讨论

这个活动是由 Paula Morais 和 Richard Wang, 中国计划研究集团 (CPRG), Bartlett 计划学院, 伦敦大学学院 (UCL) 合办, 只有受邀请者才可以参加。从http://www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/research/planning/cprg.html#members 网站看更多关于CPRG的资料。

7:00-9:00pm 18th september saturday a roundtable discussion at a hotel that the delegation lives

  • This event is arranged for whose academics from UCL, LSE and other places who were unable to participate in the above two events.
  • If anybody else is interested in the event please contact to Dr Xiangqun Chang (x.chang@lse.ac.uk) for details.


  • The information about the BWCRB, BASS, is provided by Mr Marco Chen, Liaison of the BASS
  • The LSE members of the Urban China project are on their visits in China, regrettably are unable to attend the event, so did the whole centre of the LSE Cities due to the annual trip to Paris
  • The event at LSE is open to all but spaces are very limited and registration is required






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