CCPN Global’s engagement with SOAS 


CCPN Global's on-going work with SOAS colleagues

In line with its on-going editorial work, CCPN Global’s current work with SOAS colleagues includes organising the Weber and China conference, and the development of two long term projects.

  • The Weber and China conference
  • Collaborative project - Chinese language for Social Science
  • Developing China in Comparative Perspective Global Forum (CCPGF)

CCPN at LSE engaged with SOAS related experts

These are nearly 20 SOAS’s former and current academic staff, associates or alumni who acted as

  • members of the Academic Advisory Committee of CCPN,
  • International Advisory Board of JCCP (Journal of China in Comparative Perspective),
  • or were directly involved in CCPN work.

The China Research Unit City University worked closely with SOAS

  • It ran the 'London China Seminar' on a weekly basis during term time for 25 years (1973-1998).
  • Stephan Feuchtwang was co-editor with Hugh D.R. Baker, SOAS’s Professor Emeritus of Chinese, of Old State in New Settings: Studies in the Social Anthropology of China in memory of Maurice Freedman , JASO (Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (Oct 1991)
  • Encouraged by Professor Elisabeth Croll (1944-2007), the famous China expert and former vice Director of SOAS, Xiangqun Chang, together with two other UK based Chinese researchers, organised a two-day international conference ‘Socio-economic Transformation in China and Chinese Women’ in 1995 at SOAS, and published selected conference proceedings (Basingstoke and London: Macmillan Press Ltd. 1999) with a Preface by Lisa Croll
  • Stephan Feuchtwang became Professorial Research Associate of the CCS, SOAS, from the 1990s, and Xiangqun Chang became Research Associate of the CCS since 2006 invited by Elisabeth Croll. They both gave seminars at SOAS, supervised PhD or Master students there, and acted as examiners for SOAS students.     


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