China and Chinese in comparative perspective book collection


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This page is a book collection relating to China and Chinese in comparative perspective. It was initially collected for book review. We then returned the reviewed books to the collection with notes so an overview of related published books can be seen clearly sorted out by theme, region and year.  

If you are interested in reviewing any book relating to China or Chinese in comparative perspective please get in touch the Review Editor, Dr Keith Jackson ( When choosing your suggested title please also say a few words about why you think the publication would be of interest to readers of the CCP Book Review, and we might be able to order a review copy for you.             


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  • Philip Clart, ed. 2012. Chinese and European Perspectives on the Study of Chinese Popular Religions. Taipei: Boyang Publishing. It is a biliguan volume. Of the book's twelve chapters, five are in Chinese and seven in English. The authors include: Andreas Berndt, Nikolas Broy, Adam Yuet Chau, Gao Hongxia, Vincent Goossaert, Barend J. ter Haar, Volker Olles, Shao Yong, Tang Lixing, Xiaobing Wang-Riese, Xu Maoming, and Zhou Yumin. 《中國民間宗教、民間信仰研究之中歐視角》. 博揚文化事業. 2012年. 主編:Philip Clart/柯若樸. 作者:邵雍、唐力行、高紅霞、博安德(Andreas Berndt)、王霄冰(Xiaobing Wang-Riese)、周越(Adam Chau)、徐茂明、高萬桑(Vincent Goossaert)、歐理源(Volker Olles)、周育民、田海(Barend J. ter Haar)、百可思(Nikolas Broy).內容提要:本書出自2010年10月德國萊比錫大學召開的學術研討會論文,是該研討會學術成果的見證,也希望通過雙語模式溝通東西方兩地的學術界並促進日後中國宗教研究的交流與合作。這些論文從主題性及方法論兩方面展現了中國和歐洲學術界針對明清時代至近代、現代中國大陸及臺灣兩地民間信仰和民間宗教的研究,包括地區性宗教生活(如針對江南、河北、山西、福建、四川及臺灣等地)、神靈信仰(如媽祖、龍王、孔子及五通等)、善書、巫術恐慌以及民間宗教團體和社會及其他宗教傳統之間的關係等。
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