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Editor-in-cheif: Professor Stephan Feuchtwang            Honorary Editor: Professor Stephan Feuchtwang
Review Editor: Dr Geoffrey Gowlland                               Review Editor: Dr Keith Jackson
Managing Editor: Dr Xiangqun Chang                             Managing Editor: Dr Xiangqun Chang

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CCPN Global would like to thank both Dr Geoffrey Gowlland and Dr Keith Jackson, the Editors of Bijiao: China in Comparative Perspective Book Review (CCPBR, ISSN: 2045-0680) for their dedication and hard work in editing the book review for 2011-12 issues, and 2013-14 issues respectivily. Thanks also to Dr Keith Jackson for his continuous commitment to be Book review Editor of Journal of China in the comparative perspective (JCCP) and get more involved in JCCP editorial work.

The online Journal, Bijiao: China in Comparative Perspective Book Review (CCPBR), is published annually (ISSN 2045-0680) from 2011, by China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN) at LSE. Although the book review will be discontinued from 2015, the review pieces and essays will be included in future issues of JCCP from 2014. CCPN Global will continue to publish the book review in JCCP's future issues.

CCPN Global has over 1,000 members and readers globally. It has collected 170 book titles for book review. The contributors of book reviews and review articles come from our global network. Supported by publishers, contributors and our International Advisory Board leading academics and China experts throughout the world.

Presentation: all submissions should be made electronically in Word format. They should be double-spaced throughout (including notes and list of references). Notes should be endnotes. Do not justify right-hand margins.

References: list all references alphabetically. References cited in the text should use the form (Jones 2004: 89). The list of references in full at the end should use the following convention:

  • Articles in journals: Jones, Peter (2004) 'Mass retailing strategies in China and the USA by global corporations' Consumer I (3): 511-535
  • Chapters in books: Jones, James (2001) 'Slimming and asceticism' in Greta Moore (ed) The Anti-Greed Movement: its origins and extent. London: Broadbooks pp. 235-272
  • Books: Jonathan Szyps (1998) Merriment Under Socialism. Canberra, Australia: Olive Press

Affiliation: the title page of the review should include the full name(s) of the author(s), academic or other personal affiliation and electronic address of the author(s) to which correspondence should be sent. For the end of the review, please include a sentence or two about yourself.

Word limit: 1,000 words for reviews, or 2,000-3,000 for review articles.

Copy-editing: we are not able to provide copy-editing services, so please ensure that the review sent to us is in a publishable state:

  • Word file
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font size: text 12; note: 10
  • Line spacing: 1.5 lines
  • Footnote   

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编辑组 (2011-12年)                                                   编辑组 (2013年)

主编: 王斯福教授(Professor Stephan Feuchtwang)           荣誉主编: 王斯福教授Professor Stephan Feuchtwang
编辑: 乔富利博士(Dr Geoffrey Gowlland)                           编辑: 凯斯·杰克逊博士Dr Keith Jackson
执行编辑: 常向群博士(Dr Xiangqun Chang)                        执行编辑: 常向群博士(Dr Xiangqun Chang)                                          

《中国比较研究书评》(Bijiao, China in comparative perspective book review )网刊,创立于2011年。刊号:ISSN 2045-0680,每年一期, 由伦敦经济学院中国比较研究网出版。2013年后由全球中国比较研究会出版。

全球中国比较研究会收集了170余本相关著作,供书评之用。  《中国比较研究书评》的书评和评论文章的作者和读者遍布世界各地,我们的编辑团队和国际咨询委员会|由著名学者和中国问题专家构成。

格式要求: 所有稿件必须以word格式或者.rtf格式,通过电子邮件投稿,全文要求双倍行距(包括注释和参考书目)。注释应当为尾注。请勿两端对齐。

参考文献: 所有参考文献均按首字母进行排列,文档中引用格式应为(Jones 2004: 89)。文档末端之参考文献应按以下格式进行:

  • 期刊文章:Jones, Peter (2004) 'Mass retailing strategies in China and the USA by global corporations' Consumer I (3): 511-53
  • 书籍章节:Jones, James (2001) 'Slimming and asceticism' in Greta Moore (ed) The Anti-Greed Movement: its origins and extent. London: Broadbooks pp. 235-272
  • 书籍:Jonathan Szyps (1998) Merriment Under Socialism. Canberra, Australia: Olive Press




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刊号:ISSN: 2045-0680


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