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Recent years, the British Academy published three reports: Language matters (2009), Language matters more and more (2011), and Languages: The State of the Nation (2013), and launched The Champagne for Languages - ‘Speak to the Future’ in 2011 (see p56). CCPN Global supports it mainly for gaining comprehensive understanding of meanings behind language itself (see p29-30). CCPN Global and the Department of the Languages and Cultures of China and Inner Asia, SOAS, University of London, are developing a programme called ‘Chinese for Social Sciences’, a new branch of ‘Chinese for Specific Purposes’ (CSP), like ‘Chinese for Science and Technology’ or ‘Business Chinese’. JCCP’s column of Chinese for Social Sciences has two sections: reading including intermediate and advanced levels (see p185-194) and translation including English and Chinese bidirectional translation see (p195-198). ‘Chinese for Social Sciences Book Series’ will be published by Global Century Press. It includes the following themes: intermediate level reading, advanced level reading, analyses difficult sentences either in English-Chinese translation, or in Chinese-English translation, dictionaries of dialect / loan words in English, and phrase / glossaries in social sciences, etc.    


    近年来,英国学术院发表了三个报告:《语言很重要》(2009年)、《语言越来越重要》(2011年)和《语言:民族国家》(2013年),并于2011 年发起了题为“说话的未来”的语言运动 (见56页)。全球中国比较研究会支持这一运动主要体现在在对语言后面的深层含义和综合理解方面 (见49-50页)。全球中国比较研究会与伦敦大学亚非学院中国和内亚语言文化系正在研发“社科汉语”项目。“社科汉语”即特定用途汉语(CSP)的一个 分支,如“科技汉语”或“商务汉语”。《中国比较研究》设立的“社科汉语”栏目包括两部分:阅读(中级和高级,见185-194页),翻译(英汉和汉英双 向互译,见195-198页)。“社科汉语系列丛书”将由全球世纪出版社出版陆续出版,如:

  • 《社科汉语中级读物》
  • 《社科汉语高级读物》
  • 《社科汉语中的 英译汉难句分析》
  • 《社科汉语中的汉译英难句分析》
  • 《社科英语中的外来语 (英汉对照)》
  • 《社科汉语短语和词组(英汉对照)》
  • 《英译中华社科汉语词汇》
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