Director of CCPN Global received Mulan Award

Dr Xiangqun Chang, Director of CCPN Global, received a Mulan Award for her Contribution to Education by the Mulan Foundation Network on the 29th October 2014. The first annual Mulan Awards Dinner was held at the Drapers Hall to honour and recognise the achievement Chinese women.  According to Mulan Foundation, it ‘aims to recognise and honour the achievements of Chinese women in the UK and elsewhere through Annual Awards and in the process build up a global network of top and successful Chinese women and young Chinese women on the way up, for networking, mentoring and to support and help each other as well as contribute to the wider community’.

I. Mulan Award Ceremony

Welcome and reception:

The guests were welcomed by Mei Sim Lai OBE DL, Chairman of Mulan Foundation Network; Dr Mee Ling Ng, OBE, the chair of the Awards' judging panel; and Lady Katy Tse Blair MBE (from left to right at the top right picture).  At the bottom left picture Mr Neil Clarke, CCPN Global volunteer, with Ms Xinran Xue, author of 7 books published in over 37 languages. She also worked at BBC World Service as a journalist, translated several important literary works into Chinese (including Pinter's entire theatrical bibliography) and founded a charity - The Mothers’ Bridge of Love.  At the bottom right shows Dr Thomas Clarke, Senior Teaching Fellow of Imperial College London, Trustee of CCPN Global, with Polly Yu, a Solicitor from Bloomsbury Law.

Dinner banquet: 

Nearly 200 guests attended the Mulan Awards Dinner 2014 for honouring the achievements of Chinese women at the Drapers Hall. Attendees also included Ms Qingling Guo, an International Trade Adviser UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) in the bottom left picture); and Ms Elaine Pooke (bottom right), English Heritage's Production Manager, who has over 25 years’ experience in the Printing and Publishing Industry, and helped in the design of CCPN Global's new leaflet. She is also Managing Ambassador for the Mayor of London.  

Awards presentation: 

Dr Mee Ling OBE, Chair of judges of panel of the Mulan Awards announced that Dr Xiangqun Chang, Director of CCPN Global is the Winner for her contribution to education (top left), Professor Danny Quah of the London School of Economics and Political Science, presented the award to Dr Chang (top right and bottom left).  Coincidentally, Professor Quah was Chairman of the Management Committee of CCPN (China in Comparative Perspective Network) at LSE before CCPN Global was registered as an academic charity in 2013. The picture at bottom right is Xiangqun with Mei Sim Lai OBE DL, Chairman of Mulan Foundation Network.

Family, friends, and colleagues: 

Dr Xiangqun Chang with Mr William Franklin, Business Development Consultant, Sophis Approach Limited and Ms Ingrid Cranfield, formerly Councillor for Lower Edmonton ward, and Deputy Mayor of Enfield Council (Top left picture); Xiangqun with her supportive family (Thomas and Neil Clarke) on top right picture; from bottom right: Dr Chang, Prof. Quah and his wife, Dr Clarke and Neil Clarke.

II. A list of winners:



1.   Young Achiever of the Year

Winner:  Ms Yaoqian Shang, Birmingham Royal Ballet. Graduate of The Royal Ballet and winner of the Ninette de Valois award 2013.


2.  Contribution to Education

Winner:  Dr Xiangqun Chang, Director of CCPN Global, a UK-based academic society focusing on the study of China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective.  Research Associate, SOAS, University of London. Holder of several professorial and senior fellowships at Renmin, Peking, Fudan and Sun Yat-Sen Universities in China.


3. Contribution to Arts and Culture

Winner:  Ms Betty Yao MBE.  Director of Credential International Arts Management, UKIP and Projects Director at Asia House, London.


Winner:   Ms Di Xiao.   International pianist at Birmingham Conservatoire. Winner of first prize Brant International Piano Competition 2007.





4.    Contribution to Science and Technology

Winner:   Dr Sharon Heng.  Specialty Registrar, Addenbrookes Eye Unit, Cambridge University Hospital. Research into age related macular regeneration (AMD) and founder of CHEF (Chan Heng Eye Foundation), a charity providing rehabilitation support for the visually impaired members of the Chinese community in London.


5.   Contribution to Business and Enterprise

Winner:   Ms Carol Hui.  General Counsel for Heathrow Airport Holdings (formally BAA). Director of Heathrow Airport Limited. Previous roles include GC for Amey and Deputy GC for BG Group. Winner of the European General Counsel of the Year 2008.


Commendation:   Ms Teresa Li. Owner of The Jobwall, an online job board for job seekers and employers. Winner of an enterprise award from the Scottish Asian Women's Association.


6.  Contribution to Charitable Causes and Philanthropy

Winner:  Ms Viola Wong.  Managing Director of Confiserie Benji Limited. Founder and benefactor of Benji's Centre. The charity provides professional speech therapy to over 680 children with disabilities and from disadvantaged background.



7.   Contribution to Public Service and Community

Winner:   Ms Catherine Zeng.  Head of Financial Services, Trade and Investment, HM Treasury.  Previous roles include: Senior Policy Adviser, Financial Regulation and Markets, HM Treasury.


Commendation:   Ms Min Rose.  Promoting and connecting up UK-China business, enterprise and academic partnerships with the University of Nottingham and the wider Chinese community.


8.   Outstanding Contribution at the International level

Winner:  Ms Jiang Bing, Deputy Director of GBCC (Great Britain China Centre). Contribution to major UK-China collaborations in the field of the development of China's legal and judicial system, by working with the Supreme People's Court, the Chinese Ministry of Justice and legal scholars in academic institutions.

Commendation: Ms Huilin Proctor, Head of China Desk, DLA Piper UK LLP.  The development of Chinese Corporate Law and an arts and culture ambassador in facilitating exchange of cultural excellence between UK and China.





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2014年10月29日,全球中国比较研究会会长常向群博士荣获“ 木兰基金会”颁发的“木兰奖”,此为唯一的一项教育类奖项,首届木兰奖颁奖晚宴在伦敦金融城的德雷珀斯大厅举行。据木兰基金会介绍,“通过年度成就奖,旨在表彰和褒奖在英国和其他地方的华人女性,并通过建立一个成功的以及年轻的中国女性的全球性的顶级网络,指导、支持和互相帮助,贡献于更广泛的社区”。


木兰基金会主席、大英帝国受勋者黎美婵(Mei Sim Lai) OBE DL女士,木兰奖评委会主席、大英帝国受勋者 Mee Ling Ng OBE博士,以及大英帝国受勋者凯蒂·布莱尔夫人谢锦霞女士Lady Katy Tse Blair MBE(上右图从左至右)的在大厅门廊迎接宾客。左下图为全球中国比较研究会志愿人员尼尔·克拉克先生与薛欣然女士交谈。欣然是7本书的作者,其作品翻译为37种语言,她还是英国广播公司(BBC)世界台的记者,并创办了一家慈善机构“母爱桥”。右下图为全球中国比较研究会信托人、英国伦敦帝国理工学院高级讲师托马斯·克拉克博士,与于国宾律师交谈,她在Bloomsbury Law布卢姆斯伯律师行任职。


近200名宾客在德雷珀斯厅参加了2014木兰颁奖晚宴(上图)。参加者还包括英国贸易投资总署(UKTI)国际贸易顾问郭Qing ling女士交谈(左下图);Elaine Pooke女士 (右下图),她是英国文化遗产的产品经理,在印刷及出版业工作长达25年,并帮助介绍专业设计师设计全球中国比较研究会的新的彩单,她还是伦敦的市长的一名形象大使。


左上图为木兰奖评委会主席大英帝国受勋者 Mee Ling Ng OBE博士宣布,全球中国比较研究会(CCPN Global)常向群博士,荣获木兰奖(教育贡献奖)。英国伦敦经济学院的柯成兴(Danny Quah)教授为常博士颁奖(右上和左下)。巧合的是,2013年以前,柯教授曾是全球中国比较研究会的前身 ---- 伦敦经济学院中国比较研究网(LSE CCPN)管理委员会主席。左下图为常博士与木兰基金会主席 、大英帝国受勋者黎美婵(Mei Sim Lai) OBE DL女士合影。


左上图为常向群博士与索菲丝方案有限公司的业务拓展顾问威廉·富兰克林先生,和Ms Ingrid Cranfield 女士,她曾是恩菲尔德市副市长和议会议员; 右上图为向群与她的家人支持丈夫托马斯和儿子尼尔(常诚); 下图从右到左依次为,向群与丹尼和他的妻子、托马斯和尼尔。




1.  青年成就奖

获奖者: 尚瑶谦女士, 英国伯明翰皇家芭蕾舞团演员,曾于英国皇家舞蹈学院进修,并于2013年荣获尼内特.德瓦卢娃奖。



2.   教育贡献奖

获奖者:  常向群博士 ,全球中国比较研究会 会长,该会是在英国注册的一个促进中国和华人与世界和他人作比较研究的全球性学术社团。她还是英国伦敦大学亚非学院中国研究院研究员,中国人民大学兼职研究员、北京大学客座研究员、复旦大学特聘教授、中山大学客座教授。


3.   艺术与文化贡献奖

获奖者:  姚詠蓓Betty Yao)女士,MBE勋章获得者,Credential International Arts Management董事, 英国独立党成员,并担任伦敦亚洲之家的项目总监。


并列获奖者:  肖荻女士,  英国伯明翰皇家音乐学院国际钢琴艺术家,第一届英国布兰特国际钢琴比赛的一等奖获得者(2007)。






4.   科技贡献奖

获奖者: Sharon Heng博士, 是一名任职于剑桥大学Addenbrookes医院眼科的全科医生。她对于老年性黄斑部病变(AMD)有着深入的研究,也是Chan Heng眼科基金会(CHEF)的创办者,该基金会是一个面向在伦敦的华人社区,致力于为该群体中视力受损人群提供视力复原相关支持的慈善机构。

5.   商业企业贡献奖

获奖者:   Carol Hui女士, 希思罗机场控股公司(原称BAA)首席法律顾问,希思罗机场有限公司总裁。曾担任Amey公司总顾问,英国天然气集团的副总顾问。她是2008年“欧洲法律总顾问年度评选”(the European General Counsel)的胜出者。 


鼓励奖:   Teresa Li 女士, Jobwall所有者,Jobwall即一个面向雇主与求职者发布招聘信息的在线平台。同时,她还是苏格兰亚裔妇女联合会(the Scottish Asian Women's Association) 颁发的企业贡献奖的得主。


6.  慈善事业贡献奖

获奖者:   Ms Viola Wong女士, Confiserie Benji有限公司经理, Benji中心的创立者、捐赠者。 该慈善机构为680多名残疾、弱势儿童提供专业的语言障碍矫正。







7.  公共与社区服务贡献奖

获奖者:   Catherine Zeng女士,  英国财政部金融服务、投资贸易部门负责人。 曾担任:英国财政部金融与市场监管部门,高级政策顾问。


鼓励奖:   Min Rose女士.  她以英国诺丁汉大学与中国社团群体之间的交流合作为基点,致力于搭建并积极促进中英之间的商贸、企业,及学术方面的往来与合作。



8.  国际杰出贡献奖

获奖者:   江冰女士, 英中协会(GBCC)副会长, 她与中国高级人民法院、中国司法部及各学术机构的法律界学者一道,不断促进中英之间就中国司法体系不断完善而展开的合作。


鼓励奖: Huilin Proctor女士, China Desk负责人, 英国欧华律师事务所。  她致力于促进中国公司法的发展,且是促进中英两国优秀艺术、文化交流沟通的使者。








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