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This page lists all events from CCPN, LSE, UK, and the World in 2010 in reverse chronological order.  

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5 Dec, Understanding China and engaging Chinese --- Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Professor Fei Xiaotong's Birth, joint event by Asia Research Centre, Department of Anthropology, CCPN and CIBL, LSE; and ZJUKA, Sun Yat-sen University, China





29 October, New Migrants in Southern European Cities: Integration Difficulties and Social Conflict , by  Professor Enzo Mingione (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy), a seminar of the Global Migration and Migrant Studies Network, CCPN event, LSE [ppt]

24-28 Oct, International Symposium on the Cooperation among Libraries for East Asian Resources and Chinese Newspaper Digitalisation, Changsha, China

24-26 Oct, the 12th West Lake International Conference on Small & Medium Business (WLICSMB 2010), in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, jointly organized by Hangzhou Municipal Government, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Small & Medium Enterprises Bureau, and World Association of Industrial & Technological Research organizations, UK.

22-25 October, The State of the Local State, a conference organised by Professor Vivienne Shue, jointly coordinated between the University of Oxford and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), will be held at the University of Oxford, UK

18 October, The Quest for Meaning, by Professor Tariq Ramadan (Contemporary Islamic Studies, Oriental Institute, St Antony's College & Faculty of Theology, Oxford University; author of the new book The Quest for Meaning), Forum for European Philosophy, public lecture, LSE

14 October, Financial Reform in China, by Sir Howard Davies (Director of LSE), LSE and Confucius Institute for Business London, public lecture, LSE

14 October, How Understanding People Will Increase Your Profits, by Kay-Yut Chen (a principal scientist at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories; author of the new book Secrets of the Moneylab, Department of Management, public lecture, LSE

5 October, 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism, by Professor Ha-Joon Chang (Faculty of Politics and Economics at Cambridge University), Department of International Development, public lecture, LSE  



20 September, Managing Natural Resource Rents: China and Africa, Professor Paul Collier [Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE), Oxford University, and academic co-director of the International Growth Centre (IGC)], IGC Growth Week 2010, public lecture, LSE 

17-19 September, the 3rd annual conference of the International Forum for Contemporary Chinese Studies : "New Perspectives on China's Development in the Post-Crisis Period (the International Forum for Contemporary Chinese Studies - IFCCS3), at Nankai University, Tianjin, China.

17 September, "Beijing World City": Roundtable Discussions with the BASS Delegation,  Key speaker: Mr Richard Brown, Director of Strategy for the Olympic Park Legacy Company and Advisor of the LSE Cities, The delegates: TAN Weike, President of the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences (BASS), Director of the "Beijing World City Research Base (BWCRB), BASS; FENG Xiaoying, Professional Research Fellow & Director, Institute of Sociology, BASS; YE Limei, Professional Research Fellow & Deputy Director, Institute of Urban Research, BASS; TANG Xin, Secretary-general of the "Beijing World City Research Base (BWCRB), BASS; YANG Song, Associated Professional Research Fellow, Institute of Management Research BASS; CCPN event, LSE

0 September, 'The Roots of China's Environmental Crisis', British Inter-University China Centre and the White Rose East Asia Centre, Joint workshop, University of Bristol, UK

8-9 September BACS annual conference on China Studies, at Bristol University, UK

8 September Asia Research Centre. Two Seminars: "Cultivated Land Conversion in China and the Potential for Food Security and Sustainability, by Dr Shunji Cui, Zhejiang University, British Academy Fellow, Asia Research Centre; "Capital Investment in Rural China: Government and Residents' Income", Mr Rui Wang, Chongqing University, Visiting Doctoral Student, Asia Research Centre, ARC event, LSE 

1st and 2nd September, The power of information in shaping Chinese modernity: a historical investigation from the late Qing to early Republican period, Department of History, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK



27-28 August, Civic Culture, Harmonious Society: Rethinking Civil Society in Greater China Today, Contemporary China Studies Programme, Oxford University. UK

11 August, When a Billion Chinese Jump: How China Will Save Mankind - Or Destroy It, Talk with Jonathan Watts and Isabel Hilton, Asia House, UK

6 Aug, New Immigrants from the BRIC Countries, Anglo-Chinese Managers in the UK & Entrepreneurial Capacity in the UK and Chinese High-Tech Firms (International Interdisciplinary Colloquium), CCPN event, LSE, UK [LSE Weblisting ; Full Programme ]



30-31st July China on the Water, An international conference organised by Zheng Yangwen, University of Manchester, and Hans van der Ven, University of Cambridge, Venue: Singapore or Xiamen, China  (TBC)

29 July, The Development of Civil Society in China: Opportunities and Challenges, by Prof. Xiaoyong Huang, vice-president, graduate school of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (cass), This meeting is hosted by the China Policy Institute, University of Nottingham in conjunction with the Great Britain-China Centre, the Chatham House China Discussion Group and the Nottingham Confucius Institute, UK

25-29 July, Asia and Europe in a Global Context,  the second Summer School of the Cluster of Excellence, at the Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies, Heidelberg University, Germany

19-20 July, 2010 Melbourne Conference on China: Chinese Elites and their Rivals - Past, Present and Future, at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

12-14 July, The 3rd China-Europa Forum, at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong [English version; Chinese version]

12 July, Global Economic Recovery: The Role of China and Other Emerging Economies, The annual conference of the Chinese Economic Association (Europe/UK), organised by University of Oxford

9th July,  China's Challenges, by Roderick MacFarquhar (Professor of History and Political Science, Fairbank Center, Harvard University), Asia House, UK

7th-8th July, Challenges for East Asia: The Past, Present & Future, Speakers: Professor Shaun Breslin (University of Warwick); Professor Stephan Feuchtwang (London School of Economics), 2nd Bristol Postgraduate Network for East Asian Studies Conference, University of Bristol

4-7 July, "Chinese Women Organizing: Looking Back, Looking Forward", (at Beijing), organised by Beijing Foreign Studies University, Oxford University & Freie Universität Berlin

6 July, An International Forum: Interaction, Adaptation and Integration ---- Muslim Minorities in China and Europe, Department of Anthropology and CCPN event, LSE [LSE Weblisting; Full Programme ]

3-10 July, "China: A World Superpower - Mirage or Reality?" at Prague, Czech Republic, The summer school is organized by Prague's Centre for Public Policy (website: http://china.cpvp.cz/)

1-3 July,  Migrations: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Interdisciplinary Dialog-Forum (IDee), 2010, University of Vienna

1-3 July  RELIGION AND THE CHARITABLE SOCIETY IN CHINA, keynote speech by Prof Richard Madsen (University of California, San Diego), Conference at University of Westminster



30 June, The Good Communist: Elite Training and State Building in Today's China, by Dr Frank Pieke (University Lecturer in the Modern Politics and Society of China, Faculty of Oriental Studies and Fellow of St Cross College, Oxford University, UK

28th to 30th June, The 2ND INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CHINESE STUDIES: Urban Society: Challenges for the Present and Future. at Shanghai, China

24 June, Authorship as Problem: The Case of Early China, by Professor Martin Kern (Princeton), BICC Public lecture,  at Oxford University, UK.

22 June, Preconference on the 'Chindia' challenge to global communication, International Communication Association, Conceived and organized by: [Daya Thussu, Professor of International Communication and Director of India; Media Centre at the University of Westminster, London, Singapore

21 June-10the July, the first Summer School on China Studies, at the Johns Hopkins - Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies, organised by the Nanjing University School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the World University Union and Jiangsu Provincial Government of China.

15th Jun, China Water Scarcity, Society and Adaptation, China Water Workshop, Speakers: Professor Mike Edmunds (School of Environment and Geography, Oxford University): Facing Water Scarcity: the case of North West China; Professor Alistair Borthwick (Deputy Head of Department of Engineering Science ,Oxford University): Human and Climate Effects on the Lower Yellow River; Dr. Mark New (Reader in Climate Science, Oxford University): Climate Change and Water Stress in China and Neighbouring States, etc. The School of Environment and Geography and the China Postgraduate Network, University of Oxford

11 June, New Dynamics of Migration in China, Speakers: C. Cindy Fan (University of California, Los Angeles), Zhongdong Ma (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology) and Wenfei Winnie Wang (University of Bristol), University of Bristol

10 June, China and China's Foreign Policy, by the newly-appointed Chinese Ambassador to the UK, His Excellency Mr Liu Xiaoming, China Centre, University of Oxford.

10 June, The Current International Situation and Chinese Economy, by Professor Feng Ding Lv, China Foreign Affairs University, former Ambassador to Sweden, Confucius Institute event. 

3 - 4 June, International Conference: CHINA AND THE GLOBAL CRISIS, TWO YEARS ON: A COMPARISON WITH THE EUROPEAN UNION, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. Player  Programme

3 June, What is a 'Daoist'?: An Anthropologist Looks at a Confused Category, by Dr Adam Yuet Chao (Cambridge), Departmental Seminar Series, Institute for Chinese Studies, University of Oxford

2-3 June, A Conference on the REVISITING THE CHINA-INDIA BORDER DISPUTE, University of Westminster, London.



23-30 May The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy 2010: "Culture, Globalization, and International Relations over the next Two Decades", organised by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) in Berlin, Germany 

26th May Chinese medicine facing conventional medicine in two European Countries: France and Italy, by Dr Lucia Candelise (Fellow at REHSEIS, CNRS Paris), the Argo-EMR seminar series, University of Oxford

20 May,  "The Changing role of non-profit organisations in China's public service provision", by Prof He Jianyu, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Tsinghua University, Seminar on public services in China, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford

18th May, A Rising China and the Diasporic Chinese: Historicity, the State, and IR, by Professor Hong Liu, University of Manchester, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge

17 May,  "Is the Livestock Insurance Subsidy Policy in China Efficient?", by Prof Zhang Liqin, College of Economics & Management, China Agricultural University, Seminar on public services in China, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford

17 May, Transformations of Cultural Models as they Pass from Parent to Child in a Globalized World: Evidence from a Longitudinal Study of Chinese Families, Speaker: Vanessa Fong (Harvard), Anthropology seminar, LSE

14 May, "The New Public Service Policies in Rural China from Year 2003: State and Existing Issues", by Prof Lin Wanlong, College of Economics & Management, China Agricultural University, Seminar on public services in China, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford

13 May, The Chinese Economy: Myths and Realities, by Prof. Lawrence J. LAU (Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong), University of Oxford lecture.

13 May, China's 21st Century Market-Authoritarian Challenge, Speaker: Stefan Halper, Global Policy public lecture, LSE

11 May, China Studies Forum, Joint British Library/National Library of China

11 May  'Publishing in Chinese Studies', Chinese Postgraduate Network Workshop, at University of Glasgow

9 May, The Chinese Economy: Myth and Realities, by Mok Hing Yiu, Departmental Seminar Series, Institute for Chinese Studies, University of Oxford

7 May,  "Study on the Determinant Factors for Provincial Scale of Civil Servants in China: Based on 2001-2009 Panel Data", by Prof Sun Tao, Zhou Enlai, School of Public Administration, Nankai University. Seminar on public services in China, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford

5 May, Peasant Strategies and Social Support in Rural Xinjiang, by Dr Ildiko Beller-Hann, National Institute of Chinese Studies,  SEAS Seminar, Sheffield

4 and 5 May 2010 6.30pm, Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay: assessing the economic rise of China and India (lecture 1 and lecture 2), Speaker: Professor Pranab Bardhan, STICERD/DESTIN public lecture, LSE 

4 May, For Whom the Toll Roads Extend? The politics of infrastructure expansion in China and Indonesia, by Dr Kun-Chin Lin, Lecturer at King's China Institute, King's College London. Seminar, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford

4 May, CHINA / EUROPE: Economic and Social Models Compared, Speakers: Loretta Napoleoni (Italian Economist, author, journalist and political analyst) & Dic Lo (SOAS Academic, Chair of the Centre of Chinese Studies), SOAS



29 Apr, Small Mercies: Poverty/Charity, State/Market, and the Provision of Social Welfare in Urban China, by Prof. Vivienne Shue (FBA. Leverhulme Professor and Director, Contemporary China Studies Programme, Oxford), (Chaired by Dr. Catherine Wang), in China: Past, Present and Future Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, Department of History Royal Holloway, University of London.

29 April, Global Justice and Climate Change: Implications for China, by Prof. Paul Harris, the Hong Kong Institute of Education, the WUN Contemporary China Centre Virtual Seminar Series 2009-10: 'Social Development and Political Reform from economic, ethnic and ecological perspectives with a focus on issues of fairness and equality'.

27th April, The East Asian Century? The launch of the East Asia International Affairs Programme, LSE IDEAS, LSE.

26 April, "Chinese ethics and the notion of the golden rule", by  Tiziana Lippiello, Professor of Classical Chinese, Ca' Foscari University, Venice,  East Asian Studies departmental (and ASC) seminar, University of Cambridge 

13-14 April, Networks in Chinese Society: An Interdisciplinary Faculty-Student Workshop, Pembroke College, University of Oxford

8-9 April,  CPN annual conference on China studies, the China Postgraduate Network (UK), at the University of Oxford.

2-3 April, Filming on the margins, co-organised by the CEFC and HKIFF 2010, at Hong Kong Science Museum Lecture Hall, Hong Kong



30 March, A day trip to Cambridge on cultural and organizations, CCPN event, LSE  

26 Mar, Bamboo's Journey to the West: A Chinese-Italian girl's adventure of 1940s childhood in China, fashion career in Milan and married life in London, CSSA of The School of Oriental and African Studies 

25-26 March, LSE Asia Forum at Beijing,
Full details of the forum and the event programme; Survey reveals promising outlook for China as global leaders gather for LSE Asia Forum; click here for the survey results in full, LSE

25 Mar, Dynamic Hybridisation: the case of Japanese subsidiaries in China & the European arms purchase by Chinese Ministers in late Qing Dynasty, by Zheng Yu (Royal Holloway, PhD candidate) & Ren Yanxiang (Beijing University), in China: Past, Present and Future Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, Department of History, Royal Holloway, University of London.

24 March, "Orien-tations: A case for the Xiyuan Entertainment Complex in Beijing", by Marcos Cruz & Marjan Colletti (Bartlett School of Architecture-UCL),  The China Planning Research Group (CPRG) seminar, UCL

23 March, Music Taipei vs. Music Shanghai, by Professor Shen Tung from the Graduate Institute of Musicology, National Taiwan University, SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies Seminar.

19 March, Secular State and Religious Society: China and Taiwan, Speaker: Richard Madsen (Professor of Anthropology, University of California, San Diego), Taiwan Research Programme, LSE

18 March, Local Decision-making and Institutional Change: Who Decides in Chinese Villages? by Anja Senz, University of Duisburg-Essen, the WUN Contemporary China Centre Virtual Seminar Series 2009-10: 'Social Development and Political Reform from economic, ethnic and ecological perspectives with a focus on issues of fairness and equality'.

17 March, "The meaning of the Beijing Olympic Games for China's urban transition", by Yi, Xin (Institute for Urban Design, Urbanism and Landscape, Faculty of architecture, Technical University of Munich),  The China Planning Research Group (CPRG) seminar, UCL.

11 Mar, Strategies of Chinese medical treatment: three examples in rural Anhui, by Dr. Elisabeth Hsu (Oxford University), in China: Past, Present and Future Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, Department of History Royal Holloway, University of London.

11 March, "Gendered Ethnicity in China: Embodied Citizenship and Indigeneity", by Eileen Walsh (OI, Oxford), Institute for Chinese Studies, Departmental Seminar Series, University of Oxford.

11 March, Time: 12:00-13:00, Venue: D402, Globalization and Warfare: the Chinese Maritime Customs Service in WWII, Speaker: Prof. Hans van de Ven, LSESU CDA, LSE

9 March, Time: 19:00 -20:00, Venue: Seligman Library A607, Title: New Year Celebration and Urban Networks in a Relational Society: Greeting, Gift, and Banquet Exchanges in Four Chinese Cities, Speaker: Professor Yanjie Bian (University of Minnesota), CCPN event Poster  PPT  Paper, LSE

9 March, Time: 18:00 -19:00, Venue: Thai Theatre (NAB LG03), From Potential to Realization: The Mobilization of Social Capital by Chinese Job Seekers, Speaker: Professor Yanjie Bian (University of Minnesota), CCPN and IER & HRM event, Poster  PPT, LSE

8 March, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Contrasting International Images of Contemporary China in Global Transformations, Professor Yongjin Zhang, University of Bristol, CEAS 2009-2010 Seminar Series, The PRC at Sixty: China Transformed -Implications for the Global Future, University of Bristol

4 March, "The Increasing Significance of Guanxi in Chinese Transitional Economy." by Professor Bian Yanjie (University of Minnesota), ICS and CCSP event, University of Oxford

4 March, 1434 - The Year China Ignited the Renaissance, Speaker: Ian Hudson, LSESU CSSA Lecture, LSE

4 March, A day trip to Oxford for networking on interdisciplinary network studies, CCPN event, LSE

2 March, Open and Shut: Working with China on Energy Policy, by  Dr Jonathan Sinton (China Programme Manager, International Energy Agency), China Energy and Environment Series,  Oxford University Centre for the Environment.



26 February, Mythapplication - Concepts, technicalities and gaps in the landscape of China's future, Speaker: Adrian Hornsby, LSESU CSSA Lecture, LSE

25th February, HEART AND MIND IN ANCIENT CHINA, OR: A DESIRABLE THEORY, Public Lecture Robert H. Gassmann (Professor Emeritus, University of Zurich), Early China Seminar, SOAS

25 February, The Chinese Player in the Global Climate, Speaker: Frauke Urban, LSESU CSSA Lecture, LSE

24th Feb, Putting a strain on the West: How China is able to get into the EU decision-making process, by Chris Oates, PhD candidate, University of Oxford 

23 February, Tang China, the World's Only Medieval Superpower?Speaker: Professor David Mcmullen, LSESU CSSA Lecture, LSE

22nd February, When China Rules the World: Contested Modernities and our Global Future, by Dr Martin Jacques, LSE and the Guardian,  the 2nd Bristol Annual Lecture in East Asian Studies, Bristol.

22 February, The Influence of China's Past on China's Future, Speaker: John Gittings, LSESU CSSA Lecture, LSE

19 February, Smuggled words: Writing from Western China, Speaker: Matthew Teague, LSESU CDS event, LSE

18th February, Popular Grievances Addressed to China's 'Letters and Visits Administration': Unanticipated Changes Over Time, by Professor Isabelle Thireau (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris), Contemporary China Studies Programme & Institute for Chinese Studies event, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD

18 Feb, Muslims and China's Borders and Borderlands, by Prof. Raj Brown (Royal Holloway), in China: Past, Present and Future Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, Department of History Royal Holloway, University of London.

18 February, "Popular Grievances Addressed to China's 'Letters and Visits Administration': Unanticipated Changes Over Time", by Professor Isabelle Thireau (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Pairs ll), ICS and CCSP event, University of Oxford

18th Feb, Workshop on Religion, Secularism, and Modernity in Asia, the final event organized by the AHRC Network 'Translations and Transformations: China, Modernity and Cultural Transmission', CRASSH Seminar, University of Cambridge. 

18 Feb, Urban Professionals in China (tbc), by Lisa Hoffman, University of Washington-Seattle, WUN Contemporary China Centre Virtual Seminar Series 2009-10 15-17

15-17 February, Research colloquium: 'Religion and Manchu society, 1600-2009', School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London.

16 Feb, "China and the Internet", by Jessica Richman of the Oxford Internet Institute, see more info on Goggle affair with China: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/01/23/schneier.google.hacking/index.html?hpt=T2%20

15th February, An anthropology of the night universe: the case of the nocturnal pilgrimage to the peak of Huashan (Mount Splendor), by Dr. Brigitte Baptandier, University of Paris X, Nanterre, the University of Cambridge, Department of East Asian Studies event.

14 and 21st February, Chinese Food in Comparative Perspective - CCPN Chinese New Year Parties, CCPN event, LSE

11 February, "China and the World: Between Past and Future", by Professor Zhang Yongjin (University of Bristol), ICS and CCSP event, University of Oxford

5 February, The Chinese Counter-Reformation: Rebuilding the State for a New Era, by Professor Barry Naughton, University of Oxford China Centre & Contemporary China Studies Programme & Oxford Department of International Development

5 February, China in International Society - Is Peaceful Rise Possible? by Professor Barry Buzan (London School of Economics and Political Science),  International Politics Research Group, Department of Politics, special lecture/seminar, Bristol.

4 February,  "Wuijiaochang/Pentagon Plaza: Public Screens and Everyday Enchantment in Contemporary Shanghai." by Professor Chris Berry (Goldsmiths University, London), ICS and CCSP event, University of Oxford

4 Feb, Jingdezhen's China: Porcelain in Local and Global Context, by Dr. Anne Gerritsen (Warwick), in China: Past, Present and Future Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, Department of History Royal Holloway, University of London.

3 February, "Land Rights Insecurity and Temporary Migration in Rural China", by Maëlys De La Rupelle (Phd researcher, Paris School of Economics; currently visiting researcher, Bocconi University, Milano),  the China Planning Research Group (CPRG) seminar, UCL

3 February, A Sustainable China in a Turbulent World - Survival, Adaptation and Transformation, Speaker: Andrew K P Leung, LSESU CDS event, LSE



28 Jan,  "The China Syndrome: Warning signs ahead for the global economy", by James Chanos, President of Kynikos Associates, New York, China Centre, University of Oxford

28 January, "What excavated materials tell us about the lives of women in China during the Tang and the Song", by Deng Xiaonan (Beijing), Institute for Chinese Studies, Departmental Seminar Series, University of Oxford.

27 January,  "Urban Conservation and Revalorisation of Dilapidated Historic Quarters: the Case of Nanluoguxiang in Beijing", by Dr. Hyun Bang Shin (Lecturer in Urban Geography, Department of Geography and Environment, London School of Economics), The China Planning Research Group (CPRG) seminar, UCL

25 January, A Chinese Approach to International Affairs? History, Identity, and the Challenges of Cultural Determinism, by Professor Arne Westad, London School of Economics. The University of Cambridge Department of East Asian Studies event.

25 January, China and global financial crisis, Speaker: Linda Yueh, LSESU CDS event, LSE

23rd January, 2nd China Development Forum: China: A Changing Role, CDS, LSUSU CDS, CIBL and ARC event, LSE

21 January, "Characteristic perspective of differences between Chinese men and women", by Ma Jian (Independent author, London), Institute for Chinese Studies, Departmental Seminar Series, University of Oxford.

21 Jan, China's Contemporary Foreign Trade Relations, by Dr. Yuka Kobayashi (SOAS), in China: Past, Present and Future Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, Department of History Royal Holloway, University of London.

21 January, Change in China: A Historical and Cultural Perspective, Speaker: Xiran Xue, LSESU CSSA Lecture, LSE

20th January,  "The Hutongs of Beijing and their Transformations: A Voyage in Time across the Secrets of the 'Square-China'", by Dr. Francesco Bernabei (University La Sapienza, Rome; currently urban designer for Sprunt Architects, London), the China Planning Research Group (CPRG) seminar, UCL

20th January - 10 March, China Economy Seminar Series, University of Oxford China Centre

18th January, Can China Stabilize Its Economic Development? by Professor Lina Song, University of Nottingham, CEAS 2009-2010 Seminar Series, The PRC at Sixty: China Transformed - Implications for the Global Future, University of Bristol

18th January, Rural Law Activism and Citizenship Struggles in Neo-socialist China, by Dr. Susanne Brandstätter, University of Oslo. The University of Cambridge Department of East Asian Studies event.

14 January Workshop: Civil Society in East and Southeast Asia - Understanding the Local Impact of the Global Promotion of Civil Society, Organised by the Bristol-Mekong Project and PSA Pacific-Asia Specialist Group (with financial support from the Centre for East Asian Studies Vice Chancellor's Initiative Fund, Institute of Advanced Studies, and PSA)

14 January, Relations between China and Taiwan: What are new and what are not, Speaker: Dr. Steve Tsang, LSESU CDS event, LSE

13 January, When China Rules the World, Dr Martin Jacques, LSE IDEAS public lecture Available as: mp3 (42 MB; approx 90 minutes); PPT (PDF), LSE  

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回头看王斯福教授有25年历史的每周'伦敦中国研讨会', CCPN 组织与主要议题有关的地方工作和涉及在中国进行田野调查的学者或研究生的研讨会, 工作坊, 公众讲座及会议。 详细可以在CCPN 活动的页中找到。 消息和活动部分以两个方法排列: (1) 现在和已经存档的消息和活动被分为CCPN, LSE, 英国和世界四个部分; (2) 现在的消息和活动将会从2010年开始以相反的顺序被按月份列出来。




5 Dec, 理解中国,与中国人沟通: 费孝通诞生100周年纪念大会, LSE亚洲研究中心, 人类学系, CCPN及伦敦商务孔子学院; 及 ZJUKA, 中国中山大学联合活动






10月29日南欧城市的新移民: 融合困难及社会冲突 , 意大利米兰比可卡大学Enzo Mingione教授, 一个CCPN全球移民及移民研究网络的研讨会, CCPN 活动, LSE [ppt]

10月24-28日, 东亚资源和中文报纸数码化的图书馆合作国际研讨会, 中国长沙[项目; 注册表]

10月24-26日, 第12届西湖中小商业国际会议 (WLICSMB 2010), 在中国浙江省杭州, 由杭州市政府, 浙江科技大学, 浙江省中小企业局及世界工业及技术研究组织联合主办。

10月22-25日地方国家的状态, Vivienne Shue 教授组织的一个会议, 由牛津大学与香港中文大学(CUHK)共同合作, 将会在英国牛津大学举行。

10月18日, 对意义的追求, Tariq Ramadan 教授 (牛津大学圣安东尼学院和神学院东方研究所当代伊斯兰研究; 对意义的追求新书作者), LSE欧洲哲学公众讲座论坛

10月14日, 中国的金融改革, 霍华德·戴维斯爵士 (LSE理事), LSE及伦敦商务孔子学院, LSE

10月14日, 了解别人怎样可以增加你的利润, Kay-Yut Chen (惠普实验室首席科学家; 金钱实验室的秘密新书作者), LSE管理系公众讲座

10月5日, 23件他们不会告诉你关于资本主义的事情, Ha-Joon Chang 教授 (剑桥大学政治和经济学院), LSE国际发展公开讲座



9月20日, 管理自然资源租金: 中国和非洲, Paul Collier 教授 [牛津大学非洲经济研究中心主任(CSAE), 及国际增长中心(IGC) 学术共同主任], LSE IGC 增长周2010年公开讲座

9月17-19日, 第三届当代中国研究国际论坛年会: "中国在后危机时期发展的新视角 (当代中国研究国际论 - IFCCS3), 中国天津南开大学

9月17日, 北京世界城: 与北京社会科学院 (BASS)代表团的圆桌讨论,  主要讲者: 奥林匹克公园遗留公司策略董事及LSE城市顾问, 出席代表: TAN Weike, 北京社会科学院 (BASS)院长, "北京世界城研究基地(BWCRB)主任;FENG Xiaoying, 北京社会科学院社会学研究所专业研究员及主任;YE Limei, 北京社会科学院城市研究研究所专业研究员及副主任;TANG Xin, 北京社会科学院北京世界城研究基地 (BWCRB)总书记;YANG Song, 北京社会科学院管理研究所副专业研究员;LSE CCPN活动

9月10日, '中国的环境危机的根源', 英国大学际中国中心及White Rose 东亚中心联合工作坊, 英国布里斯托大学

9月8-9日, BACS 中国研究年会, 英国布里斯托大学

9月8日, 亚洲研究中心两个研讨会:  "中国的耕地非农业化与粮食安全和可持续发展的潜力‘, 浙江大学Shunji Cui博士, 英国学院研究员, 亚洲研究中心; "中国农村的资本投资:政府与居民收入", 重庆大学访问博士生Rui Wang先生, LSE亚洲研究中心活动

9月1-2日, 资讯在塑造中国现代性中的力量: 从晚清到民国初年的一个历史调查, 英国伦敦大学Royal Holloway历史系



8月27-28日公民文化,和谐社会: 反思今天大中国的公民社会, 当代中国研究项目, 英国牛津大学

8月11日, 当十亿中国人跳: 中国将会怎样拯救人类 - 或消灭它, 与Jonathan Watts 和 Isabel Hilton谈话, 英国 Asia House

8月6日, 来自金砖国的新移民,英国华人经理的企业家能力及中国高科技公司 (国际跨领域讨论会), CCPN 活动, 英国 LSE [LSE 网页 ; 全部程序]

7 月


7月30-31日 中国在水中, 曼城大学 Zheng Yangwen 及剑桥大学 Hans van der Ven 组织的国际会议, 地点: 新加坡或中国厦门 (TBC)

7月29日, 中国公民社会的发展: 机会与挑战, 中国社会科学院 (cass) 研究院副院长Xiaoyong Huang教授, 这个会议是由英国诺丁汉大学中国政策研究所与大英-中国中心, Chatham 研究所中国讨论小组及诺丁汉孔子学院联合主办

7月25-29日在一个全球背景中的亚洲和欧洲,  卓越的群体第二届暑期学校, 于德国海德堡大学雅斯贝尔斯高级跨文化研究中心

7月19-20日, 墨尔本中国会议:中国精英与他们的对手 - 过去,现在和未来, 在澳大利亚墨尔本大学

7月12-14 日第三届中欧论坛, 香港理工大学 [英文版本中文版本]

7月12日, 全球经济复苏: 中国及其他新兴经济体的角色, 中国经济协会年会 (欧洲/ 英国), 牛津大学主办

7月9日,  中国的挑战, Roderick MacFarquhar (哈佛大学费正清中心历史及政治学教授), 英国 Asia House

7月7-8日对东亚的挑战: 过去, 现在与未来, 讲者: Shaun Breslin 教授 (华威大学); 王斯福教授 (伦敦经济学院), 第二届布里斯托东亚研究会议研究生网络, 布里斯托大学

7月4-7日, "中国妇女组织:回顾过去,展望将来", 于北京, 由北京外国语大学,牛津大学和柏林自由大学组织。

7月6日, 国际论坛: 交往,适应与整合--中国和欧洲的穆斯林少数民族, 人类学系和 CCPN 活动, LSE [LSE 网页; 全部程序]

7月3-10日, "中国: 一个世界超级强权- 海市唇楼还是真实?" 捷克共和国布拉格, 暑期学校是由布拉格公共政策中心组织。(网页: http://china.cpvp.cz/)

7月1-3日,  移民: 跨领域角度, 跨领域对话论坛 (IDee), 2010, 维也纳大学

7月1-3日  宗教与中国的慈善组织, Richard Madsen 教授 (加州大学圣地亚哥分校) 的专题演讲, 西敏寺大学会议

6 月


6月30日, 好共产党员: 今天中国的精英培训及国家建设, Frank Pieke 博士 (英国牛津大学东方研究学院现代中国政治和社会讲师及圣十字学院研究员)

6月28-30日, 第二届中国研究国际会议: 城市社会:现在与未来的挑战。于中国上海

6月24日, 著作权作为问题:早期中国的案例, Martin Kern 教授 (普林斯顿), BICC 公开讲座, 英国牛津大学

6月22日, “中印”对全球通信挑战的前会议, 国际通讯组织, 由西敏寺大学国际通讯教授及印度媒体中心主任构思和组织, 伦敦, 新加坡

6月21日- 7月10日, 约翰斯·霍普金斯 - 南京大学中美研究中心第一届中国研究暑期班, 由南京大学社会与行为科学, 世界大学联盟及中国江苏省政府组织。[注: (1): 这是免费的但需要申请 (以中文或英文); (2) 请点击连接去看最新资料和申请表 - 不需要中文资格。这个信息在4月27日更新

6月15日, 中国水资源短缺,社会与适应, 中国水工作坊, 讲者: Mike Edmunds 教授 (牛津大学环境与地理学院): 面对水的短缺: 中国西北的案例; Alistair Borthwick 教授 (牛津大学工程科学系系主任): 人和气候变化对黄河下游的影响; Mark New 博士 (牛津大学气候科学Reader): 中国及邻近国家的气候转变及水的压力等。牛津大学环境与地理学院及中国研究网络

6月11日, 移民在中国的新动态, 讲者: C. Cindy Fan (加州大学洛杉矶分校), Zhongdong Ma (香港科技大学) 和 Wenfei Winnie Wang (布里斯托大学), 布里斯托大学

6月10日, 中国和中国的外交政策, 新任中国驻英国大使刘晓明先生阁下, 牛津大学中国中心

6月10日, 最近国际处境和中国经济, 中国外交事务大学Feng Ding Lv 教授, 前驻瑞典大使, 孔子学院活动

6月3 - 4日, 国际会议: 中国与全球危机, 两年后: 与欧盟的比较, 香港浸会大学, 香港. 播放  程序

6月3日, 什么是'道士':一个人类学家看一个不清楚的类别, Adam Yuet Chao 博士 (剑桥),牛津大学中国研究所学系研讨会系列

6月2-3日, 一个回顾中国和印度边界冲突的会议, 伦敦西敏寺大学

5 月


5月23-30日 2010年文化外交国际研讨会: "未来20年的文化, 全球化和国际关系", 德国柏林文化外交研究所(ICD)组织

5月26日 中药面对两个欧洲国家:法国和意大利的传统医药, Lucia Candelise 博士 (巴黎 REHSEIS, CNRS 研究员), 牛津大学 Argo-EMR 研讨会系列

5月20日,  "非牟利机构在中国公共服务提供中的转变中角色", 清华大学政治科学副教授 He Jianyu, 牛津大学跨学科地区研究学院中国公共服务研讨会系列

5月18日, 崛起的中国和流散中国:历史性,国家和国际关系, 曼切斯特大学 Hong Liu 教授, 剑桥大学亚洲和中东研究学院

5月17日,  "中国畜牧业保险补贴政策是不是有效?", 中国农业大学经济及管理学院Zhang Liqin教授, 牛津大学跨学科地区研究学院中国公共服务研讨会系列

5月17日, 在一个全球化的世界中父母传递给子女的文化模式的转变: 来自中国家庭的纵向研究的证据, 讲者: Vanessa Fong (哈佛), 人类学研讨会, LSE

5月14日, "2003年开始中国农村新公共服务政策:状况与存在的问题", 中国农业大学经济和管理学院Lin Wanlong教授, 牛津大学跨学科地区研究学院中国公共服务研讨会系列

5月13日, 中国经济: 神话与现实, Lawrence J. LAU 教授 (香港中文大学副校长), 牛津大学讲座

5月13日, 中国21世纪的市场-专政挑战, 讲者: Stefan Halper, 全球政策公开讲座, LSE

5月11日, 中国研究论坛, 联合大英图书馆/ 中国国家图书馆

5月11日  '出版中国研究, 格拉斯哥大学中国研究生网络工作坊

5月9日, 中国经济: 神话与现实, Mok Hing Yiu, 牛津大学中国研究所学系研讨会系列

5月7日,  "中国公务员的省级规模的决定因素研究:根据2001至2009年的面板数据", 南开大学周恩来公共管理学院Sun Tao 教授, 牛津大学跨学科地区研究学院中国公共服务研讨会

5月5日, 新疆农村的农民策略和社会支持, Ildiko Beller-Hann博士, 国立中国文化研究所,谢菲尔德 SEAS 研讨会

5月4及5日下午6.30, 苏醒中的巨人, 泥土的脚: 评估中国和印度的经济兴起 (讲座2之1), 讲者: Pranab Bardhan教授. STICERD /DESTIN 公开讲座, LSE

5月4日, 为谁延长收费公路?中国和印尼的基础设施扩张的政治, Kun-Chin Lin 博士是伦敦国王学院中国研究所的讲师, 牛津大学跨学科地区研究学院研讨会

5月4日, 中国 / 欧洲: 经济和社会模式的比较, 讲者: Loretta Napoleoni (意大利经济学者, 作家, 记者和政治分析家) 和 Dic Lo (SOAS 学者, 中国研究中心主席), 亚非学院

4 月


4月29日, 小怜悯:贫穷/慈善,国家/市场,及在中国城市提供社会福利, Vivienne Shue 教授 (FBA. 牛津当代中国研究课程 Leverhulme 教授和主任), (由Catherine Wang博士主持), 在中国: 过去, 现在与未来跨学科研讨会系列, 伦敦大学Royal Holloway历史系

4月29日, 全球正义与气候变化:对中国的启示, Paul Harris 教授, 香港教育学院, WUN 当代中国中心2009-10年虚拟研讨会系列 : '从经济,民族和生态的角度看社会发展与政治改革,重点在公平和平等问题”

4月27日, 东亚世纪?  东亚国际事务课程的推出, LSE IDEAS, LSE.

4月26日, "中国伦理学及黄金规则的概念", 威尼斯 Foscari 大学古典中文教授 Tiziana Lippiello,  剑桥大学东亚研究学系 (及 ASC) 研讨会

4月13-14日, 中国社会的网络: 一个跨学科教员学生工作坊, 牛津大学Pembroke学院 [call par 参加者; 申请者]

4月8-9日,  CPN 中国研究年会, 中国研究生网络 (英国), 牛津大学

4月2-3日, 拍摄边缘, CEFC 及 HKIFF 2010 共同组织, 于香港科学博物馆演讲厅, 香港

3 月


3月30 日, 往剑桥关于文化与组织的一天访问 , LSE CCPN 活动

3月26日, 竹子的西方游记:一个中国-意大利女孩于20世纪40年代在中国的童年的冒险,在米兰的时装事业和在伦敦的婚姻生活, 亚非学院中国学生学者联会

3月25-26日, LSE 北京伦敦经济学院亚洲论坛, 点击这里看赞助机会; 论坛和活动程序的全部详细调查显示中国作为全球领袖的乐观前景在LSE亚洲论坛中集结; 点击这里看全部调查结果, LSE

3月25日, 动态杂交:在中国的日本子公司与清末中国部长购买欧洲武器的个案, Zheng Yu (Royal Holloway 博士候选人) 和 Ren Yanxiang (北京大学), 在中国: 过去, 现在与未来跨学科研讨会系列, 伦敦大学 Royal Holloway 历史系

3月24日, "方向:北京西苑娱乐中心的个案", Marcos Cruz & Marjan Colletti (UCL Bartlett 建筑学院),  中国计划研究组 (CPRG) 研讨会, UCL

3月23日, 音乐台北与音乐上海, 国立台湾大学音乐研究所Shen Tung 教授, 亚非学院台湾研究研讨会

3月19日, 世俗国家与宗教社会:中国与台湾, 讲者: Richard Madsen (加州大学圣地亚哥分校), 台湾研究项目, LSE亚洲研究中心

3月18日, 地方决策与制度变迁:谁在中国农村作决定?杜伊斯堡 - 埃森大学 Anja Senz, WUN 当代中国中心2009-10年虚拟研讨会系列 2009-10: '从经济,民族和生态的角度看社会发展与政治改革,重点在公平和平等问题”

3月17日, "北京奥运会对中国的城市转型的意义", Yi, Xin (德国慕尼黑技术大学学建筑学院城市设计,城市化和景观研究所),   中国计划研究组 (CPRG) 研讨会, UCL.

3月11日, 中国医疗策略: 安徽农村的三个例子, Elisabeth Hsu 博士 (牛津大学), 在中国: 过去, 现在与未来跨学科研讨会系列, 伦敦大学 Royal Holloway 历史系

3月11日, "中国的性别种族: 内涵的公民身份和本土性", Eileen Walsh (牛津大学), 牛津大学中国研究所学系研讨会系列

3月11日, 时间: 12:00-13:00, 地点: D402, 全球化与战争: 二次大战中的中国海关服务, 讲者: Hans van de Ven 教授, LSESU CDA

3月9日, 时间: 19:00 -20:00, 地点: Seligman 图书馆 A607, 题目: 在一个关系社会中的新年庆祝及城市网络: 四个中国城市的祝福, 礼物及宴会交换, 讲者: Yanjie Bian教授 (美国明尼苏达大学), CCPN 活动, 海报  PPT 文章

3月9日, 时间: 18:00 -19:00, 地点: Thai Theatre (NAB LG03), 由潜力到实现: 中国找工作的人的社会资本动员  , 讲者: Yanjie Bian 教授, CCPN 及 IER & HRM 活动, 海报  PPT

3月8日, 善,恶,丑:在全球变革中对比当代中国的国际形象, 布里斯托大学 Yongjin Zhang 教授, CEAS 2009-2010 研讨会系列, 60岁的中华人民共和国: 转变了的中国对全球未来的含义, 布里斯托大学

3月4日, "关系在中国转型经济中的重要性在增加", Bian Yanjie 教授 (明尼苏达大学), ICS 和 CCSP 活动, 牛津大学

3月4日, 1434 - 中国点燃文艺复兴的一年, 讲者: Ian Hudson, LSESU CSSA 讲座

3月4日, 往牛津关于跨学科网络研究的一天访问 , LSE CCPN 活动

3月2日, 开放和关闭:与中国在能源政策合作, Jonathan Sinton 博士 (国际能源机构中国项目经理), 中国能源与环境系列,  牛津大学环境中心

2 月



2月26日, 神话应用 - 中国未来景观中的概念, 技术性问题和差距, 讲者: Adrian Hornsby, LSESU CSSA 讲座

2月25日, 古代中国的心灵和思想,还是:一个理想的理论, 公开讲座 Robert H. Gassmann (苏黎世大学名誉教授), 早期中国研讨会, SOAS

2月25日, 全球气候中的中国游戏参与者, 讲者: Frauke Urban, LSESU CSSA 讲座

2月24日, 放一个限制在西方之上: 中国果如何能够进入欧盟的决策过程, Chris Oates, 牛津大学博士候选人

2月23日, 唐代中国, 世界唯一的中世纪超级大国? 讲者: David Mcmullen 教授, LSESU CSSA 讲座

2月22日, 当中国统治世界:有争议的现代性和我们的全球未来, Martin Jacques 博士, LSE 和卫报,  第二届布里斯托东亚研究周年讲座, 布里斯托

2月22日, 中国的过去对中国的未来的影响, 讲者: John Gittings, LSESU CSSA 讲座

2月19日, 走私的话: 来自中国西部的写作, 讲者: Matthew Teague, LSESU CDS 活动

2月18日,  民众对中国“信访局”的不满情绪:随着时间推移的未预料到的变化, Isabelle Thireau 教授 (巴黎社会科学高等学院), 牛津大学当代中国研究课程及中国研究所活动

2月18日, 穆斯林和中国的边境和边疆, Raj Brown 教授 (Royal Holloway), 在中国: 过去, 现在与未来跨学科研讨会系列, 伦敦大学 Royal Holloway 历史系

2月18日, 关于亚洲的宗教, 世俗主义和现代性的工作坊, AHRC网络组织的最后一个活动, 网络 '翻译与转化: 中国, 现代性与文化传递', 芝加哥大学CRASSH研讨会.

2月18日, 中国的城市专业人士 (tbc), 西雅图华盛顿大学Lisa Hoffman, WUN 当代中国中心虚拟研讨会系列 2009-10 15-17

2月15-17日, 调研座谈会: '宗教与满洲社会, 1600-2009', 伦敦大学亚非学院

2月16日, "中国与互联网", 牛津互联网研究所 Jessica Richman, 在谷哥与中国的事看更多资料:http://edition.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/01/23/schneier.google.hacking/index.html?hpt=T2%20

2月15日, 晚间宇宙的人类学:晚上到华山(华丽的山)朝圣的的案例, Brigitte Baptandier博士, 巴黎大学第十, Nanterre, 剑桥大学东亚研究系活动

2月14及21日, 中国食物的比较研究 - CCPN 中国新年派对,  CCPN 活动, LSE

2月11日, "中国与世界: 过去与未来之间", Zhang Yongjin 教授 (布里斯托大学), ICS 和 CCSP 活动, 牛津大学

2月5日, 中国的反改革:重建国家的新时代, Barry Naughton 教授, 牛津大学中国中心和当代中国研究课程和牛津国际发展学系

2月5日, 国际社会中的中国 -和平兴起可能吗? Barry Buzan 教授 (伦敦经济学院),  国际政治研究组, 布里斯托政治系特别奖座/ 研讨会

2月4日,  "五角场/ 五角大楼广场:当代上海公共屏幕和日常魅力“。Chris Berry 教授 (伦敦Goldsmiths 大学), ICS 和 CCSP 活动, 牛津大学

2月4日, 景德镇的中国:本地及全球背景下的瓷器, Anne Gerritsen 博士 (华威), 在中国: 过去, 现在与未来跨学科研讨会系列, 伦敦大学 Royal Holloway 历史系

2月3日 , "土地权利的不安全和中国农村的临时移民", Maëlys De La Rupelle (巴黎经济学院博士研究员; 现米兰博科尼大学访问研究员),  中国计划研究组 (CPRG) 研讨会, UCL

2月3日, 在一个动荡的世界中的一个可持续中国- 生存, 适应和转变, 讲者: Andrew K P Leung, LSESU CDS 活动, LSE



1月28日,  "中国综合症: 对全球经济的警告标志", James Chanos, 纽约Kynikos Associates 总裁, 牛津大学中国中心

1月28日, "挖掘出来的物料告诉我们什么关于中国妇女在唐宋期间的生活" Deng Xiaonan (北京),  牛津大学中国研究所学系研讨会系列

1月27日,  "城市保护与破旧的历史街区的更新:北京南锣鼓巷的个案", Hyun Bang Shin 博士 (伦敦经济学院地理和环境学系城市地理讲师), 中国计划研究组 (CPRG) 研讨会, UCL

1月25日, 国际事务的中国方法?历史,身份和文化决定论的挑战, 伦敦经济学院 Arne Westad 教授。剑桥大学东亚研究活动

1月25 日, 中国及全球金融危机, 讲者: Linda Yueh, LSESU CDS 活动

1月23 日, 第二届中国发展论坛: 转变中的角色, CDS, LSUSU CDS, CIBL 和 ARC 活动, 伦敦经济学院

1月21日, "中国男性和女性之间的差异的特征角度", 马健 Ma Jian (伦敦独立作家), 牛津大学中国研究所学系研讨会系列

1月21日, 中国的当代外贸关系, Yuka Kobayashi 博士 (SOAS), 在中国: 过去, 现在与未来跨学科研讨会系列, 伦敦大学 Royal Holloway 历史系

1月21日, 中国的转变: 一个历史和文化的观点, 讲者: Xiran Xue, LSESU CSSA 讲座, LSE

1月20日,  "北京的胡同及其转变:一个跨越'广场中国'的秘密的时间旅程", Francesco Bernabei 博士 (罗马 La Sapienza 大学; 现为伦敦Sprunt 建筑师事务所城市设计师), 中国计划研究组 (CPRG) 研讨会, UCL

1月20日 - 3月10日, 中国经济研讨会系列,  牛津大学中国中心

1月18日, 中国能不能稳定它的经济发展? 诺丁汉大学 Lina Song 教授,, CEAS 2009-2010 研讨会系列, 60岁的中华人民共和国: 转变了的中国 -对全球未来的含义, 布里斯托大学

1月18日, 农村法律行动主义和新社会主义中国的公民斗争, 奥斯陆大学 Susanne Brandstätter 博士。剑桥大学东亚研究活动

1月14日, 工作坊: 东亚和东南亚的公民社会 - 了解公民社会的全球推广对当地的影响, 由布里斯托尔 - 湄公河项目和PSA的亚太专家小组主办 (从东亚研究中心, 副校长的倡议基金,高级研究学院和PSA得到财政支持)

1月14日, 中国与台湾的关系: 什么是新的而什么不是, 讲者: Steve Tsang 博士, LSESU CDS 活动, LSE

1月13日, 当中国统治世界, Martin Jacques 博士, LSE IDEAS 公开讲座, 作为: mp3 (42 MB; 约 90 分钟); PPT (PDF), LSE

Highlights 关注 Photo report - China through British eyes: launch of new books and donation of books 图片报道——英国人眼里的中国: 新书发布和赠书仪式 Photo reports: Roundtable Discussion on China and International Communications and Agreement-signing Ceremony between New World Press and Global Century Press 多视角看中国与国际传播圆桌会议暨 新世界出版社与全球世纪出版社合作出版签约仪式 Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig! 恭贺各位2019猪年新禧! Learning without Borders Global Education Comparative Study Centre (LwB-GEx) 学无国界全球教育比较研究中心 Himalayan Civilization Comparative Studies Centre (HCCSC) 喜马拉雅文明比较研究中心 Digital Interconnection and Intelligent Manufacturing — Social Change and Cultural Transformation in Global Society (Pre-GCD Forum) 数字互联和智造论坛——全球社会变迁和文化转型(对话前论坛) The 5th Global China Dialogue (GCD V): Governance for Global Justice 第五届全球中国对话:全球正义治理通知 Academic Publishing and Knowledge Service for China and China in Comparative Studies (Post-GCD forum) 中国及中国比较研究学术出版与知识服务论坛(对话后论坛) Photo report: Agreement-signing ceremony and launch of English edition of China’s Role in a Shared Human Future at the London Book Fair 图片报道《中国在人类命运共同体中的角色》 ​合作出版签约仪式在伦敦书展举办 Call for Participants to The 4th Global China Dialogue (GCD IV) The Belt and Road (B&R) -- Transcultural collaborations for shared goals 会议通知: 第四届全球中国对话 ——一带一路——为了共同目标的转文化合作 Post-Dialogue workshop - Chinese for social science 对话后活动 - 社科汉语工作坊 Greetings to launching of JCCP 《中国比较研究》创刊贺辞 Dec. 2015 Journal of China in Comparative Perspective was officially launched 《中国比较研究》 于2015年正式创刊
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