Contending Models for China's Future Development: Society Building and Governance - The 5th International Forum for Contemporary China Studies (IFCCS5)


[Notes from CCPN: Following the successful collaboration at the 4th International Forum for Contemporary China Studies (IFCCS4) CCPN is supporting the IFCCS5 in 2012. As co-organizer, CCPN will promote the event in various forms, invite speakers and attendees, participate in it, and publish relevant working papers, etc. The special significance of the IFCCS5 is that it will be held before the 18th Chinese Communist Party Congress. If you participated in or paid attention to the contents of the IFCCS4, you will find that the topic of IFCCS5 changed, namely, to ‘Contending Models for China’s Future Development: Society Building and Governance', but many of the themes and issues remain the same. On the one hand, the title highlights the new focus of the IFCCS5; on the other hand, the themes and topics show continuity with the previous forums. The title of the IFCCS5 points to a noteworthy phenomenon: in the next historical period of China's social development, along with the deepening level of social reform and construction of a harmonious society, the main theme is likely to be an interest in bottom-up social governance and ‘society building’ with a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches. The IFCCS5 will showcase the latest research results of Chinese and non-Chinese scholars in this field, and through discussions, engage in in-depth and theoretical studies on this topic and develop its applied value into policy making. How to draw the world's relevant experience into the process of China’s ‘society building and governance’? What are the similarities and differences between China's ‘society building’ and ‘nation building’ inside and outside China? How can China make a contribution in shaping the global society with the experience of construction of China's harmonious society? China in comparative perspective might be helpful in thinking about these questions. The following information comes from the latest version of the ‘Call for papers’.]

Basic info

The 5th International Forum for Contemporary Chinese Studies (IFCCS5)
: Contending Models for China’s Future Development --- Society Building and Governance
Date: 8-9 August 2012
Venue: Beijing University of Technology (BUT), China

  • School of Contemporary Chinese Studies (with its China Policy Institute and Nottingham Confucius Institute) (SCCS), The University of Nottingham (UoN)
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), Beijing University of Technology (BUT)

Co-organisers and Sponsors:

  • The Chinese Sociological Association (CSA)
  • China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN), LSE
  • The Office of the Chinese Language Council International (HANBAN)
  • China Institute for Innovation & Development Strategy, China
  • The Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation & Economic Policy (GEP)
  • Institute of Sociological Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
  • Department of Sociology, Tsinghua University
  • Emerald Publishing, UK 
  • Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, UK
  • Social Sciences Academic Press, China

1. Aims and Objectives

After three decades of transformation, China is at a critical juncture in its development and reform. To achieve the goal of balancing economic development, social justice and political stability, China will have to make strategic and structural adjustments to its development trajectory. As a result, many alternative development models and approaches have emerged, representing a major departure from the traditional and narrowly-defined “economic growth” model. The most noticeable development is an increasing emphasis on “society building” (“社会建设” in Chinese). Nevertheless, the new models have also raised more questions: What do China’s new development models mean? How many models are available for China to select for its development and reform in the coming decades? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each model or approach? How can they contribute to the maintenance of social justice and political stability whilst sustaining economic growth? What are the implications of the new models for politicians, industrial leaders, civil society advocates, academics, and the media?

The questions raised above will be addressed at the fifth annual conference of the International Forum for Contemporary Chinese Studies (IFCCS5). The annual IFCCS event shares the following main objectives:

  • To exchange views on the latest developments and challenges facing China and their implications on the international academic community;
  • To inspire critical review on the experience and lessons to learn from China’s reform and development; 
  • To provide a channel for developing interdisciplinary communication, interaction and cooperation in the areas such as economic globalisation, China’s rise and international relations; sustainable development and innovation, civil society and good governance; 
  • To explore the theoretical and methodological issues underlying the development of Contemporary Chinese Studies; 
  • To develop and enhance international collaborative networks in Contemporary Chinese Studies.

This event will be co-organised by The University of Nottingham’s School of Contemporary Chinese Studies (SCCS), and Beijing University of Technology’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS). SCCS is one of the leading centres for research, teaching and policy analysis on contemporary China in Europe, and SHSS has become a prominent centre in China in the fields of society building and good governance. Previous IFCCS conferences, held in Nottingham in 2008, 2009, and 2011 respectively, and in Xi’an in 2010, attracted around 200 delegates each from some 20 countries. IFCCS5 will be held on 8th – 9th August 2012 in Beijing, China.

2. Themes and panels

Scholars are invited to submit papers on the following themes:

  • China’s responses to world economic crises
  • Environmental challenges, public participation & corporate social responsibility
  • China’s social development, welfare system and social policies 
  • China’s soft power and international relations

These themes will be addressed by a combination of plenary sessions for keynote speeches, roundtables and parallel discussions in the following topics: 

  • The Chinese model and society building: theory and practice 
  • Rethinking the relationship between state, market and society 
  • Historic perspectives on society building in China over the past 60 years 
  • Citizenship and civil society 
  • Governance and politics 
  • Public goods, policies and management 
  • Soft power, international Relations, and the UK- and EU-China relationship 
  • Publication in top international journals 
  • University engagement with the Chinese community

3. Speakers  

  • Professor Jean-Philippe Béja, Sciences Po Paris, France
  • Dr Kerry Brown, Chatham House, UK
  • Professor CAI Fang, Chinese Association of Social Sciences, China
  • Professor Michael Cox, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
  • Professor Flemming Christiansen, the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
  • Professor Hugo de Burgh, University of Westminster, UK
  • Dr Xiaolan Fu, University of Oxford, UK
  • Professor Thomas Gold, University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Professor Bettina Gransow, Berlin Free University, Germany
  • Professor Gary Hamilton, University of Washington, USA
  • Professor LI Qiang, Tsinghua University, China
  • Dr Amitendu Palit, ISAS, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
  • Professor Orville Schell, Asia Society, USA
  • Professor Shigeto SONODA, the University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Professor SUN Liping, Tsinghua University, China
  • Professor Richard P. Suttmeier, University of Oregon, USA
  • Professor Wing Thye Woo, University of California at Davis, USA
  • Professor YU Keping, Central Translation Bureau, China, China
  • Professor Suisheng Zhao, University of Denver, USA
  • Professor David Zweig, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK

4. PhD student colloquium & sponsorship

A PhD student colloquium will be held during the conference which allows PhD students whose research falls into one of the conference themes to present their research findings. Depending on the quality of papers, up to 40 papers will be selected by a panel of reviewers. The authors of selected papers will have their registration fees waived and accommodation paid for during the conference. They will be considered for financial assistance with their international or national travel expenses. Details will be announced at a later date. The three best papers selected from Chinese students, and the three best papers selected from overseas students will each be awarded a prize of 3000 RMB.

5. Conference Organising Committee:


  • Professor Shujie YAO, Head of School of Contemporary Chinese Studies (SCCS), The University of Nottingham (UoN)
  • Professor LU Xueyi, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), Beijing University of Technology (BUT)


  • Dr Cong CAO, Associate Professor, SCCS, UoN
  • Dr CAO Feilian, Lecturer, SHSS, BUT
  • Dr Xiangqun Chang, Senior Research Associate and Co-Director of China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN), LSE
  • Dr HU Jianguo, Assistant Professor, SHSS, BUT
  • Dr LI Junfu, Associate Professor, SHSS, BUT
  • Dr TANG Jun, Professor, SHSS, BUT
  • Dr Zhengxu Wang, Lecturer, SCCS and Deputy Director, CPI, UoN
  • Dr Bin WU, Senior Fellow, SCCS, UoN
  • Dr Dan LUO, Lecturer, SCCS, UoN
  • Dr ZHU Tao, Lecturer, SHSS, BUT

Conference secretary General:

PhD Colloquium organisers:

Conference administrator:  Mrs Hua GEDDES (|)

Local coordinator:

6. Outcomes

The paper review panel includes several academic staff from the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies at The University of Nottingham and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Beijing University of Technology. They will be in charge of selecting suitable topics and papers prior to the conference. Selected English papers will first be considered for publication as working papers in the China Policy Institute’s online Discussion Paper Series, and/or for compilation into edited volumes by a leading publisher such as Palgrave Macmillan and for special issues of leading international journals such as the Journal of Contemporary China. Selected Chinese papers will be published as a Chinese edited volume and some high quality papers will be recommended to top Chinese journals such as Sociological Studies or Society. 

7. Registration

The standard registration fee is £80 (or 800 RMB Yuan for Chinese delegates). A discounted rate for early registration is available at £60 for scholars who register before 30 June 2012. The registration fee for PhD students is £40 (please indicate PhD student status on the application form).  

8. Deadlines

  • Submission of abstracts (800-1000 words) 15 April 2012
  • Notification of acceptance 15 May 2012
  • Submission of full papers 20 June 2012 
  • Early registration (online or by email) 30 June 2012 
  • Draft programme 10 July 2012 
  • Final Programme 20 July 2012

9. Contact

Related web addresses:

10. Related info

  • Click HERE to see the info in Chinese 
  • Click HERE to go to the Official website 
  • Click HERE to download the Call for Papers in English
  • Click HERE to download the Call for Papers in Chinese
  • Click HERE to download the programme (in Chinese)
  • Click HERE to download the programme (in English)
  • Click HERE to download the Abstracts (only those submissions in English)

11. Publication

 A selected conference collection entitled Society building: A China Model of Social Development, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014. 

12. Photos

The IFCCS5 was held 8-9 Aug 2012, at Beijing University of Technology (BUT), China


Some speakers and organisers

Professor Steve TSANG, Director of the China Policy Institute, UoN, chaired one of the plenary sessions.

Q & A

Prof. Xie Shouguang, General Secretary of Chinese Sociological Association (CSA) and President of Social Science Academic Press chaired the closing ceremony

Ms ZHAO Mi (the second left) of the Institute of Social Psychology, LSE, won the first prize of the PhD Forum.



Professor ZHANG Ailin,Vice President, BJTU

Professor LI Jie, Vice President, Chinese
Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

Professor SONG Linfei, President of
Chinese Sociological Association (CSA)

Professor ZHENG Bijian, former Executive Vice President, Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC)

Professor Thomas B. GOLD, University
of California, Berkeley, USA

Professor ZHENG Hangsheng, Former
Vice President of Renmin University of
China; Honorary President of Chinese
Sociological Association

Professor Kerry BROWN,Director of Asia Programme of Chatham House, UK and University of Sydney, Australia

Professor LI Peilin, Director of Institute of Sociology, CASS

Professor Orville SCHELL, Directpor of
Asia Society, USA

Mr GUO Shutian, Former Director of Bureau of policies and regulations, Ministry of Agriculture of China

Professor Suisheng ZHAO, Director of
the Center for China-US Cooperation,
University of Denver, USA 

Professor Sibin Wang, Department of
Sociology, Peking University

Professor Richard P. SUTTMEIER,
University of Oregon, USA

Professor CAO Jinqing, East China
University of Science and Technology

Professor Flemming CHRISTIANSEN,
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany 

SONG Guilun, Party Secretary, Social
Work Committee of the Beijing Municipality

Professor Wing Thye WOO, University of California, Davis, USA

Professor DING Yuanzhu, National
Academy of Governance

Professor Bettina GRANSOW, Berlin
Free University, Germany

Professor GUAN Xinping, Head of
Department of Social Work and Social
Policy, Nankai University

Professor Jean-Philippe BÉJA, Sciences
Po Paris and CNRS, France

Professor CHEN Guangjin, Deputy Director of Institute of Sociology, CASS

Professor Stuart CORBRIDGE, LSE Pro
Director, gave a special greeting

Professor LU Xueyi, Honorary President of Chinese Sociological Association (CSA); former Director of Institute of Sociology, CASS; Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, BJUT; and Professor Shujie YAO, Dean of the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, the University of Nottingham two hosts, made a toast for the success of the IFCCS5. 


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  • 诺丁汉大学(UoN)当代中国学学院(含其中国政策研究所和诺丁汉孔子学院)(SCCS)
  • 北京工业大学人文社会科学学院(SHSS)


  • 中国社会学会 (CSA)
  • 英国伦敦经济学院中国比较研究网(CCPN, LSE) 
  • 中国国家汉办
  • 国家创新与发展战略研究会
  • 莱弗尔梅全球化与经济政策研究中心
  • 中国社会科学院社会学研究所
  • 清华大学社会学系
  • 爱墨瑞得出版公司
  • 泰勒弗朗西斯集团
  • 社会科学文献出版社                


在过去的三十三年中,中国在发展与改革领域取得了巨大的成就。面对平衡经济发展、社会公平和政治稳定的目标, 中国在发展轨迹上进行了战略上或结构上的调整,许多可供选择的模式和发展途径显现出来,逐渐改变传统狭义的“经济增长”模式,实现经济社会协调发展。在理论界,有关社会建设与社会治理的研究逐渐勃兴,近几年关于社会建设与社会治理的理论探索和实践创新,对推动中国社会建设与社会治理起到了重要作用。为进一步推进社会建设与社会治理的理论研究和实践突破,揭示社会建设与社会治理进程中面临的严峻挑战和历史机遇,总结和探讨社会建设与社会治理实现路径,特召开“第五次当代中国学国际论坛年会(IFCCS5)”。年会有以下几个目标:

  • 就中国社会建设所面临的最新发展和挑战及其启示在国际学术界进行交流;
  • 就中国目前的社会体制改革和社会管理创新议题展开讨论; 
  • 为发展学科间的交流提供渠道,在不同地区间关于经济全球化的沟通,交流和合作;中国的崛起和国际关系;可持续发展和创新;公民社会和善治;
  • 根据当代中国学的发展,探索理论上和方法上的创新问题; 
  • 发展并加强当代中国学的国际间网络交流




  • 社会建设与社会治理理论和实践的研究
  • 中国对世界经济危机的回应 
  • 中国的环境挑战、公众参与和企业社会责任 
  • 中国的软实力和国际关系


  • 中国模式和社会建设:理论与实践
  • 重新思考国家、市场与社会的关系 
  • 建国60多年来中国社会建设的历史研究 
  • 公民权与公民社会 
  • 治理与政治 
  • 软实力,国际关系和英国、欧盟与中国关系 
  • 公共物品、政策和管理 
  • 中国的社会体制改革与社会管理创新 
  • 如何在国际顶级刊物发表文章 
  • 大学和当地社区的关系  


  • 白夏教授(Jean-Philippe Béja), 法国巴黎政治学院 
  • 凯利•布朗博士(Kerry Brown), 英国皇家国际事务研究所 
  • 蔡昉教授, 中国社会科学院 
  • Michael Cox 教授 , 英国伦敦经济学院
  • 费立民教授(Flemming Christiansen), 德国杜伊斯堡-埃森大学 
  • 戴雨果教授(Hugo de Burgh), 英国西敏寺大学 
  • 傅晓岚博士, 英国牛津大学 
  • 高棣民教授(Thomas Gold), 美国加州大学伯克利分校 
  • 柯兰君教授(Bettina Gransow), 德国柏林自由大学 
  • 韩格理教授(Gary Hamilton),  美国华盛顿大学 
  • 李强教授, 中国清华大学 
  • Amitendu Palit 博士, 新加坡国立大学 
  • 夏伟教授 (Orville Schell) 美国亚洲协会美中关系中心 
  • 園田茂人教授(Shigeto SONODA), 日本东京大学 
  • 孙立平教授, 中国清华大学 
  • 舒特迈尔教授(Richard P. Suttmeier), 美国国奥勒冈大学 
  • 胡永泰教授(Woo Wing Thye), 美国加州大学戴维斯分校 
  • 俞可平教授, 中国中共中央编译局 
  • 赵穗生教授, 美国丹佛大学 
  • 大卫•兹威格教授(David Zweig), 中国香港科技大学


博士生专场研讨会将是本次大会的一个重要组成部分,将让博士生展示他们的研究成果。评委会将根据提交研讨会论文的质量,选出40篇论文。被选中论文的作者,可以免去登记费和会议期间的住宿费。他们还可以申请国际或国内的差旅费补助,细节会在之后提及。此外,国内的三篇最佳论文和国外的三篇最佳论文,将会获得SCCS 和SHSS的奖励,每篇论文奖励3000元人民币。



  • 姚树洁 教授 诺丁汉大学(SCCS)当代中国研究院(UoN)院长
  • 陆学艺 教授 中国社会科学院荣誉学部委员;中国社会学会名誉会长;北京工业大学人文社会科学学院院长


  • 曹聪博士, 副教授, 诺丁汉大学当代中国学学院
  • 曹飞廉博士,讲师,北京工业大学人文社会科学学院
  • 常向群博士,高级研究员,伦敦经济学院中国比较研究网联席主任
  • 胡建国博士,见习教授,北京工业大学人文社会科学学院
  • 李君甫博士,副教授,北京工业大学人文社会科学学院
  • 罗丹博士, 讲师, 诺丁汉大学当代中国学学院
  • 唐军博士,教授,北京工业大学人文社会科学学院
  • 王正绪博士,讲师,中国政策研究所副主任,诺丁汉大学当代中国学学院
  • 武斌博士, 高级研究员, 诺丁汉大学当代中国学学院
  • 朱涛博士,讲师,北京工业大学人文社会科学学院 



会议行政人员: Hua Geddes (|)



论文评审委员会会由来自北京工业大学人文社会科学院和诺丁汉大学当代中国学学院的教研人员组成。他们将负责在会议之前挑选合适的论文和主题。被选中的英文论文将优先考虑作为中国政策研究所网上讨论论文系列,和\或编入一个国际知名出版社Palgrave Macmillan出版的论文集,或推荐国外著名期刊《当代中国》(Journal of Contemporary China)发表。被选中的中文论文,将于会后结集出版,部分优秀论文可推荐给《社会学研究》、《社会》等国内权威刊物发表。





  • 提交摘要(800-1000字) 2012.4.15 
  • 录用通知 2012.5.15 
  • 提交论文全文 2012.6.20 
  • 提前注册(网上或邮件) 2012.6.30 
  • 会议议程 2012.7.10 
  • 最终方案 2012.7.20




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第五届当代中国研究国际论坛(IFCCS5): 中国未来的发展——社会建设与社会治理于2012年8月8—9日在北京工业大学隆重举行  












中国社会科学院副院长、当代中国研究所 所长 李捷 研究员  

中国社会学会会长 宋林飞 教授     

中共中央党校原常务副校长 郑必坚 教授      

美国加州大学伯克利分校 高棣民
     (Thomas Gold) 教授   

中国人民大学 郑杭生 教授       
大学 凯利•布朗(Kerry Brown)教授       

中国社会科学院社会学研究所 所长 
李培林 研究员       
美国亚洲协会 夏伟(Orville Schell) 教授  

原农业部政策法规司 郭书田 司长
美国丹佛大学 赵穗生 教授        

北京大学社会学系 王思斌 教授
美国俄勒冈大学 舒特迈尔(Richard P. 

华东理工大学 曹锦清 教授     

德国杜伊斯堡-埃森大学 费立民 
(Flemming Christiansen) 教授        
主 任 宋贵伦先生       

美国加州大学戴维斯分校 胡永泰(Wing 
Thye Woo) 教授       

国家行政学院 丁元竹 教授      
德国柏林自由大学 柯兰君(Bettina 
 南开大学社会学系 关信平 教授
学院 白夏(Jean-Philippe Béja) 教授       

中国社会科学院社会会学所 副所长
陈光金 研究员 
伦敦经济学院 副校长 Stuart Corbridge 教授
IFCCS5 主办单位负责人 诺丁汉大学当代中国学院院长 姚树洁 教授 和 北京工业大学人文社会科学学院院长 陆学艺 教授 共祝大会圆满成功



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Affiliate member of the Academy of Social Sciences 英国社科院成员单位


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