Through interdisciplinary research the Chinese Relationship Research Network (CRRN) will integrate the analytic strengths of the three major social scientific disciplines of anthropology, sociology, and social psychology. New interdisciplinary work can afford greater analytic sophistication, with resultant convergence of terminology, approach, and methodology.

The nature of Chinese social relations lies in open-ended reciprocal networks. The CRRN can be seen as a network on networking, dynamic, creative and engaging qualitative network analysis.

Comparative study linking areas such as reciprocity, relatedness, exchange, interaction, personal and interpersonal relationships, and newly emerged business relationships, and between different fields and countries, such as relationships between rural and urban, migration in China, networks of immigration and overseas Chinese in China, Japan, Australia, USA, UK and Germany, etc., will be encouraged and stimulated.

Documentary study will be used to find issues common to different disciplines through literature surveys, and through government agencies and institutions. Taking the UK as an example, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the EU-China Business Association (EUCBA), the Department for International Development (DFID), Trade and Investment (DTI), All-Party Parliamentary Group on China (APPGC), The Great Britain-China Centre GBCC, China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), local, national and international Chambers of Commence, etc., are all important sources for knowledge transfer.

Fieldwork will be used to identify problems of practical importance, as well as provide scientifically based evidence to address them. Current fieldwork has produced significant anecdotal evidence that UK MBAs and other courses on business relations with China are helpful neither for British businessmen doing business in China, nor Chinese businessmen doing business in the UK.

The Vice President of Jiangsu Province Chamber of Commence has pointed out that although more businessmen visit Jiangsu from England than from any other nation their success rate is the lowest. Meanwhile Dr Yuan Cheng, Manager in Greater China of Russell Reynolds Associates, has said that with 15,000 qualified business leaders in the Chinese market there is a demand for 60,000 more. A better understanding of Chinese relationships must be a core part of any improved training programmes.



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