Understanding China and World

‘Understanding China’ has been translated into Chinese as 了解中国 (getting to know China), 理解中国 (understanding China in depth and rationally), and 读懂中国 (understanding China comprehensively). The book series is taken from one of our conferenced entitled ‘Understanding China and engaging with Chinese people’ in 2010 at LSE. It is co-edited by Professor Zheng Hangsheng (Remin University of China) and Dr Xiangqun Chang (CCPN Global and SOAS, UK), and published by Global Century Press. Based on our research projects and academic activities the initial titles are proposed:

  • Society building --- A China Model of Social Development
  • Globalization of Chinese Social Sciences --- Commemorating the 105th Anniversary of Professor Fei Xiaotong's Birth
  • How do Migrants from the BRICS Countries Participate in Shaping the Global Society?
  • Max Weber and China: Culture, Law and Capitalism
  • Renqing and Mechanism of Social Support in China
  • A Comparative Studies on Global Civil Society and Global Symbiotic Society

We welcome you to make contributions in both English and Chinese bilingually to this book series. See more details please visit Global Century Press website: www.globalcenturypress.com.


        英文的“understanding China”曾经被翻译成“了解中国”,“理解中国”和“读懂中国”。《读懂中国与世界》这套系列丛书的题目取自于我们于2010年在英国伦敦经济学院举办的题为“理解中国、与华人沟通—费孝通百年诞辰纪念活动”。丛书的主编为中国人民大学的郑杭生教授和全球中国比较研究会与伦敦大学亚非学院的常向群博士。基于我们以往的研究项目和学术活动,全球世纪出版社将陆续推出以下著作:

  • 《社会建设:中国社会发展的一种模式》
  • 《中国社会科学全球化—费孝通一百0五周年诞辰纪念文集》
  • 《“金砖国家”新移民如何参与型塑全球社会?》
  • 《马克斯•韦伯与中国:文化、法律与资本主义》
  • 《人情与中国民间社会支持的运作机理》
  • 《全球公民社会与全球共生社会比较研究》





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