Understanding China and engaging with Chinese people
--- Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Professor Fei Xiaotong's Birth

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The London School of Economics and Political Science is holding an international conference to commemorate the birth of Professor Fei Xiaotong (Fei Hsiao-Tung 1910-2005), the famous sociologist, anthropologist, social activist and senior Chinese political leader, an Honorary Fellow and among the School's most distinguished alumni. The conference, entitled "Understanding China and Engaging with Chinese People", will take place at LSE on the 5th December 2010. It will be followed by a series of related seminars from 6th to 8th December given by some participants.

The Conference will examine the importance and relevance of Fei Xiaotong's academic contributions and policy studies, and focus on China both as a part of global society and as a culture undergoing dramatic change. It will explore relationships and interactions between Han and ethnic minorities and between Chinese and non-Chinese people, in a search for dynamic, integrated, multi-faceted insights. Comparative and historical perspectives are both represented. The aim of the Conference is to advance mutual understanding between human beings as a process of the "cultural awareness" promoted by Professor Fei Xiaotong in his later years.

The Conference is a public event, open to academics, politicians, policy makers, consultants, professionals and practitioners of different kinds of businesses. It is jointly organized by Asia Research Centre, Department of Anthropology, China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN), Confucius Institute for Business London (CIBL) at LSE, together with Zhejiang UK Association (ZJUKA), and the School of Sociology and Anthropology, Sun Yat-sen University, China. It is supported by the Chinese Embassy in the UK, and sponsored by Hanban, Tsinghua University, and Sun Yat-sen University. The Sino-UK Educational Service Centre will take responsibility for logistics.

International conference

Time and date: 9:00am-18:00pm, 5th December 2010, Sunday

Venue: New Theatre, EAS171, East Building, LSE

Chairs: Professor Stephan Feuchtwang and Dr Kent Deng, LSE

Asia Research Centre, LSE
Department of Anthropology< LSE
China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN),
Confucius Institute for Business London (CIBL), LSE
Zhejiang UK Association (ZJUKA), UK
School of Sociology and Anthropology, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Convenors: Dr Xiangqun Chang, LSE; Professor Daming Zhou, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Contact details: +44(0)2080994815; +44 (0) 20 7955 7603; ccpn@lse.ac.uk

Conference programme

9:00-13:00 Morning session 

Chair: Professor Stephan Feuchtwang, Department of Anthropology; Director of China in Comparative Perspective Programme, LSE
9:00-9:30 Registration

9:30-9:35 Welcome, Professor Danny Quah, Department of Economics; Co-Director of the LSE Global Governance, LSE [PPT in English; Chinese coming soon...]
9:35-10:10 Guest speeches

Mr WU Xun: Minister Counsellor, Chinese Embassy to the UK [Speech notes in Chinese; English coming soon...]

Sir Howard Davies: LSE Director [Video speech in English]

Professor George Gaskell: LSE Pro-Director       

Professor Hengsheng Zheng: Honorary President of the Chinese Sociological Association; Former vice President of Renmin University of China [Speech notes in Chinese; and English]

Dr Ruth Kattumuri, Co-Director of the Asia Research Centre, LSE, UK [PPT]

Professor Lizhong Xie: Head of Department of Sociology and Institute of Sociology & Anthropology, Peking University, China [Speech Note in Chinese and English]
          Professor Yongping Zhou, China Youth University for Political Sciences (CYUPS), on behalf of Ms Zonghui Fei: Fei's Xiaotong's only daughter [Speech notes in Chinese and English]

10:10-10:15 Group photo (all welcome)

10:15-10:30 Tea/Coffee break

10:30-11:00 What Western social scientists can learn from the writings of Fei Xiaotong? by Professor Gary G. Hamilton, University of Washington, Seattle, USA [PPT]
11:00-11:30 Moulüe – Supraplanning: On the problem of the transfer of earthbound words and concepts in the cultural exchange between China and the West, by Professor Harro von Senger, University of Freiburg; Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, Lausanne, Switzerland [Paper]
11:30-11:50 Fei Xiaotong and the continuation of the tradition of "'Chinese learning as the foundation, Western learning for utility", by Dr Kent Deng, LSE, UK [PPT]
11:50-12:20 Guanxi, Strategy and Cultural Awareness, by Professor Chien CHIAO, Shih Hsin University, Taiwan [Speech notes in English; paper in Chinese]
12:20-12:30 Discussant: Professor Christopher Howe, University of Sheffield; SOAS 
12:30-13:00 Q&A

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-18:00 Afternoon session - Chair: Dr Kent Deng, Department of Economic History, Co-Director of China in Comparative Perspective Network, LSE

14:00-14:20 Contributions to anthropological village studies through a comparison of two classic Chinese village studies by Daniel Kulp and Fei Xiaotong respectively, by Professor Daming Zhou, Sun Yat-sen University, China [PPT]
14:20-14:40 Similarities and differences: a comparison between "family properties" in rural Japan and China based on fieldwork in Kaixiangong Village, by Dr Hong Park, Hokkaido University, Japan [PPT]
14:40-15:10 From Fei Xiaotong's chaxugeju to lishang-wanglai -- a social-cultural perspective on "China model", by Dr Xiangqun Chang, China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN), LSE, UK [PPT]
15:10-15:20 Discussant: Professor Maurice Bloch, Department of Anthropology, LSE
15:20-15:45 Q&A

15:45-16:00 Tea/Coffee break

16:00-16:20 The Interpretation of Fei Xiaotong and Ebenezer Howard's Thoughts on Migration Flows and Urbanization, by Mr Cary Z Woo, Renmin University of China; Chicago University, USA: Presented by Dr Ye Liu, Faculty of Policy and Society, Institute of Education, UoL, UK [PPT]
16:20-16:40 Rethinking of Multiple Maternities in Ethnic Minorities' Areas of China: A new perspective and thought from Fei Xiaotong's research on Ethnic Minorities in China, by Professor Wenjiong Yang, Lanzhou University, China; and LSE, UK [PPT]
16:40-17:10 Fei Xiaotong's life tribulations and contributions to academe and society, by Professor R. David Arkush, Department of History, University of Iowa, USA [Paper]
17:10-17:20 Discussant: Professor HW de Burgh, Director, China Media Centre, University of Westminster
17:20-17:45 Q&A

17:45-18:00 Closing remarks, by Professor Stephan Feuchtwang

A series of seminars

Date: 6th Dec Mon
Time: 19:00-21:00
Venue: NAB.2.04, LSE
Speakers: Professor Yongping Zhou, Head of Institute for Youth Development of China, China Youth University for Political Sciences (CYUPS), China;
                Ms Chenshu Zhou, Stanford University, USA
Chair: Dr Kent Deng, Reader in Economic History, Co-Director of China in Comparative Perspective Network, LSE
Title: Income and stratification: Kaixiangong Village from 1936 to 2010 [PPT in English and Chinese]

Date: 7th Dec Tue
Time: 19:00-21:00
Venue: NAB.1.15 , LSE
Speakers: LIU Xiuqin, Associate Professor, College of Economics & Management, South China Agricultural University (SCAU);
                MA Di, School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), China
Chair: Dr Xiangqun Chang, Research Fellow, Coordinator of China in Comparative Perspective Network, LSE
Title: Changes of organizational social capital during growth of agricultural enterprises: A case study  [PPT in Chinese]

Date: 8th Dec Wed
Time: 19:00-21:00
Venue: NAB.1.07, LSE
Speaker: Professor Changli Bu, Department of sociology, Changchun University of Science and Technology, China
Chair: Dr Xiangqun Chang, Research Fellow, Coordinator of China in Comparative Perspective Network, LSE
Title: The new features of community conflict in Chinese cities [PPT in English]

Biographies of conference speakers


Professor R. David Arkush (欧达伟): Professor of History, University of Iowa, author of Land Without Ghosts: Chinese Impressions of America from the Mid-Nineteenth Century to the Present (University of California Press, co-ed. & trans. 1989; paperback ed. 1993); Fei Xiaotong and Sociology in Modern China, Harvard East Asian Monograph Series, 1981; Chinese ed. Beijing: Current Affairs Press, 1986)
Professor Changli Bu, Department of sociology, Changchun University of Science and Technology

Dr Xiangqun Chang (常向群): Research Fellow and Coordinator of China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN). Author of Guanxi or Li shang wanglai ? --- Reciprocity, Social Support Networks, & Social Creativity in a Chinese Village, and its Chinese version in traditional characters, Airiti Press Inc. 2010; Chinese version in simplified characters, Liaoning People's publishing House; Study of Fei Xiaotong's theories and restudies on Kaixiangong Village, Foreign Language and Teaching Research Press, 2011.

Professor Chien CHIAO (乔健): Chair Professor of Anthropology, Shih Hsin University, Taiwan. Ph.D. in Anthropology from Cornell University (1969). Formally taught at Indiana University (1966-76), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (1976-95) where he founded the only Department of Anthropology in Hong Kong, and National Dong Hwa University (1995-2005) where he founded the Institute of Ethnic Relations and Culture and helped to build the College for Indigenous Studies. He was also the founder of Hong Kong Anthropological Society (1978) and International Association of Yao Studies (1988). He has authored and edited more than 34 books and published more than 60 articles.

Dr Kent G Deng (邓钢): Reader in Economic History, Co-Director of China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN). Author of Deng, Kent (1999) The premodern Chinese economy: structural equilibrium and capitalist sterility, Routledge, New York, 1999; co-editor of Technology in China, Continuum, 2009.

Professor Gary G. Hamilton (韩格理): Professor of Sociology and The Jackson School of International Studies University of Washington; Emergent Economies, Divergent Paths: Economic Organization and International Trade in South Korea and Taiwan, Cambridge University Press, 2006; translator of Fei Xiaotong's book Xiangtu Zhongguo (From the Soil: the Foundations of Chinese Society, University of California Press, 1992)

Dr Hong Park (朴红), Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics Division of Bio Resource and Product Science, Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, Japan. She has published a numbers of books in Japanese, e.g. The Revival of Family Business and Establishment of Rural Organizations in Northeast Rural China (1999); Peasant Association in China (2001); The Export Strategy of Vegetable Processing Enterprises in China (2006); Rural Cooperatives in Taiwan (2010).

Professor Harro von Senger (胜雅律): Professor of Sinology, University of Freiburg, and the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law at Lausanne, author of The Book of Stratagems: Tactics for Triumph and Survival, Penguin, 1993; The 36 Stratagems for Business: Achieve Your Objectives Through Hidden and Unconventional Strategies and Tactics, Cyan Books, 2006.

Mr Cary Zhiming Woo (吴志明): Research Student in Renmin University of China, Visiting Scholar in University of Chicago; Coordinator of Fiscal Austerity and Urban Innovation Project in China. Published more than 10 journal articles, e.g. "The Interpretation of Fei Xiaotong and Ebenezer Howard's Thoughts on Migration Flows and Urbanization," Urban Studies (in Chinese), 2010 and etc.

Professor Wenjiong Yang (杨文炯): Professor of Centre for Studies of Ethnic Minorities, School of History and Culture, Lanzhou University; Visiting Senior Fellow of Department of Anthropology, LSE. Author of Interaction, Adaptation and Reconstruction – Muslim Communities and Cultural Changes in Northwest Cities in China (in Chinese), Nationalities Publishing House, 2007; 'The Historical base of Fei Xiaotong's "Pattern of Pluralistic Unity" – Historical and Anthropological perspectives', Journal of Guansu United Universities, 2006(6).

Professor Daming Zhou (周大鸣): Professor of Anthropology, Deputy Head of the School of Sociology and Anthropology; Director of Ethnic Group Study Centre; Sun Yat-Sen University; Editor of Chinese Sociology Anthropology (in English). Author of Changes of Phoenix Village – Restudy Daniel Kulp's Phoenix Village (in Chinese), Beijing: Social Science Press, 2006; Say Goodbye to Rural Society – Rural Development 30 Years in Guangdong Province (in Chinese), Guangdong People's Publishing House, 2008.

A list of Participants

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Other particulars

Weblisting about the event:

The London School of Economics and political Science:
Asia Research Centre, LSE:
Department of Anthropology, LSE: http://www2.lse.ac.uk/anthropology/events/Conferences/understanding-China-2010.aspx 
China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN), LSE:
English version: http://www2.lse.ac.uk/anthropology/research/CCPN/newsEvents/CCPN/2010/

Chinese Version: http://www2.lse.ac.uk/anthropology/research/CCPN/ChineseSite/newsEvents

Confucius Institute for Business London (CIBL), LSE:
Zhejiang UK Association (ZJUKA): http://www.zjuka.org.uk/page12.html
School of Sociology and Anthropology, Sun Yat-sen University, China: http://www.anthrop.org.cn/school/Item/2820.aspx .


The conference working language is English. Please submit the title and abstract of your talk by the 15th November; speech notes (2000-3000 words) and full paper up to 6000 words including notes and references by 31 November.

All the speeches, discussant notes and presentations will be published as conference proceedings in English, Chinese both simplified and traditional characters. Editors are Stephan Feuchtwang, Xiangqun Chang, Kent Deng and Daming Zhou.


The conference is free, but the cost for participating in the event will be responsible by yourself except invited guests and speakers. We will send you official invitation letter and detailed arrangements once we received your registration form.

The CCPN will pass all the logistic details to the Sino-UK Educational Service.

The registration is still need it for those who don't request travel and accommodations, because we need the details to book tea/coffee and lunch for all the participants during the conference, and network with them after the conference.


To complete the online registration form you can receive an immediately confirmation for acceptance to attend the conference before 30 November.





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今年是伦敦经济学院杰出校友、荣誉院士、著名社会学家、人类学家和社会活动家费孝通(1910-2005)诞辰100周年。为此,费孝通先生的母校 ----伦敦经济学院将于12月5-8日举办一系列纪念活动。国际学术大会在5日召开,之后将举办一系列相关讲座。整个活动以"理解中国,与中国人沟通" 为主题,以历史、区域和国别为跨度的比较方法,结合费孝通的学术贡献,展示变化中的中国的基本风貌并把握其在全球中的位置;以动态的、综合的、多层面的眼光探讨汉族与少数民族、中国人与非中国人交往的模式;在实践费孝通在晚年所倡导的"世界范围文化关系的多元一体格局的建立"的"文化自觉"过程中,促进人类之间的相互理解和全球和平。




地点:英国伦敦经济学院(New Theatre, EAS171|, East Building, LSE)




伦敦经济学院人类学系 王斯福教授(Professor Stephan Feuchtwang)
伦敦经济学院经济史系 邓钢准教授(Dr Kent Deng)

伦敦经济学院中国比较研究网 常向群博士
中山大学社会学与人类学学院 周大鸣教授

电话: +44 (0) 2080994815;
传真: +44 (0) 20 7955 7603;
邮箱: ccpn@lse.ac.uk|   


9:00-13:00上午主持人:王斯福教授 (Professor Stephan Feuchtwang,英国伦敦经济学院人类学系教授;中国比较研究项目主任)

9:00-9:30 注册

9:30-9:35 致欢迎词:柯成兴教授(Professor Danny Quah,英国伦敦经济学院经济系教授、全球治理中心共同主任)[中文稿 英文稿|]

9:35-10:10 嘉宾致词
          吴逊先生:中国驻英国使馆文化处公使衔参赞 [中文稿| 英文稿]
          戴维斯爵士(Sir Howard Davies): LSE校长 [致词录像]
          George Gaskell教授 :英国伦敦经济学院副院长 [] 
          郑杭生教授:中国社会学会荣誉会长、中国人民大学前副校长 [中文稿|  英文稿|]
          Ruth Kattumuri博士:伦敦经济学院亚洲研究中心共同主任 [PPT|]
          谢立中教授:北京大学社会学系系主任、社会学与人类学所所长 [中文稿  英文稿|]
          周拥平博士:中国青年政治学院副教授代表孝通的女儿费宗惠女士致辞并向伦敦经济学院图书馆赠书 [中文稿  | 英文稿|]

10:10-10:15 合影

10:15-11:30 茶歇

10:30-11:00 西方社会科学家从费孝通的著述中可以学到什么?-韩格理教授(Gary G. Hamilton,美国华盛顿大学) [PPT|]
11:00-11:30 中西方文化交流中文字与概念跨越"乡土"的问题 -胜雅律教授(Professor Harro von Senger,德国弗莱堡大学和瑞士比较法研究所) [Paper in English|]
11:30-11:50 费孝通与"中学为体、西学为用"的传承 -邓钢准教授(英国伦敦经济学院)[PPT]
11:50-12:20 关系、计谋与文化自觉 -乔健教授(Professor Chien Chiao,台湾世新大学) [中文稿|  英文稿|]
12:20-12:30 评论:Christopher Howe教授(伦敦大学亚非研究学院金融管理系教授)
12:30-13:00 问答

13:00-14:00  午餐

14:00-18:00 下午主持人:邓钢博士(Dr Kent Deng,英国伦敦经济学院经济史系准教授,中国比较研究网共同主任)

14:00-14:20 凤凰村与江村之比较及其对人类学村落研究贡献 -周大鸣教授(中国中山大学)[PPT|]
14:20-14:40 试比较中国农村和日本农村的"家庭财产"之异同:以江村为例 -朴红准教授(日本北海道大学)[PPT|]
14:40-15:10 从费孝通的"差序格局"到"礼尚往来":一个社会文化的"中国模式"- 常向群研究员(英国伦敦经济学院)[PPT|]
15:10-15:20 评论:Maurice Bloch教授(伦敦经济学院人类学系教授)
15:20-15:45 问答

15:45-16:00 茶歇

16:00-16:20 人口流迁与城市化:解读费孝通和霍华德-吴志明(中国人民大学;芝加哥大学); 刘烨博士(英国伦敦大学)[PPT|]
16:20-16:40 中国少数民族地区的多元性再思考:费孝通对西北少数民族的研究的新视角和新观点- 杨文炯教授(中国兰州大学;英国伦敦经济学院)[PPT|]
16:40-17:10 费孝通曲折的人生经历及其对社会科学和人类社会的贡献 - 欧达伟教授(Professor R. David Arkush,美国爱荷华大学)[Paper in English|]
17:10-17:20 评论:戴雨果教授(Professor HW de Burgh,英国威斯敏斯特大学中国传媒中心主任)
17:20-17:45 问答

17:45-18:00 致闭幕词:王斯福教授(Professor Stephan Feuchtwang)


题目: 江村的收入与阶层:1936-2010 | [PPT|]

题目:组织社会资本属性特征演变与农业企业成长|  [PPT|]

题目:当前中国城市社区矛盾冲突问题呈现的新特点|  [PPT|]


韩格理教授(Gary G. Hamilton):美国华盛顿大学国际研究学院社会学系和国际关系学院教授(Professor of Sociology and The Jackson School of International Studies University of Washington),是《乡土中国》英译本的译者,此书于1992年发表后在英语世界对费孝通的理论贡献的了结起了重要的贡献。

欧达伟教授(R. David Arkush):美国爱荷华大学历史系教授(Professor of History,The University of Iowa),《费孝通传》的作者,此书是国外作者写的费孝通传,费本人确认其准确度为95%,也是《没有鬼的土地——19世纪中叶至今中国人对美国的印象》的第一作者。

胜雅律教授(Harro von Senger):德国弗莱堡大学和瑞士比较法研究所(Professor of Sinology,University Freiburg;the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law),著名汉学家,著有"超越汉学研究的'乡土'",他用中外文化全面系统地解读了《三十六計》并提升其管理智慧。

乔健教授(Chiao Chien): 台湾世新大学人类学讲座教授。美国康奈尔大学人类学博士(1969)。先后任教于美国印第安那大学(1966-76),香港中文大学(1976年至95 年:创办班了香港唯一的人类学系);台湾国立东华大学(1995-2005:创办族群关系与文化研究所)。他也是香港人类学会(1978)及国际瑶学研究会(1988)创始人。发表著作30多部,论文60多篇。

邓钢博士(Kent Deng):伦敦经济学院经济史系准教授(reader),中国比较研究网共同主任,《中国比较研究》执行编委。著有多部英文著作,如:《近代以前的中国经济:结构平衡与资本主义的不育》,Routledge,1999;《中国的技术》,2009年等。

常向群博士(Xiangqun chang):英国伦敦经济学院研究员,中国比较网负责人,《中国比较研究》责任主编。著有《关系抑或礼尚往来?- 江村互惠、社会支持网和社会创造的研究》(中文简、繁体字版和英文版2009和2010年),《费孝通与江村研究》,2010年等。

朴红博士 (Hong Park): 日本北海道大学大学院农学研究院准教授。出版日文著作若干,如:《中国东北农村之家庭经营的复苏与农村组织化》(1999年);《中国的农协》(2001年);《中国蔬菜加工企业的出口战略》(2006年);《台湾的农村协同组合》(2010年)。

周大鸣教授 (Daming Zhou): 中山大学社会学与人类学学院党委书记兼副院长,中山大学中国族群研究中心主任,美国《Chinese Sociology Anthropology》杂志主编。著有:《凤凰村的变迁——<华南的乡村生活>追踪研究》,2006年;《告别乡土社会——广东农村发展 30年》,2008年等。

杨文炯教授(Wenjiong Yang):兰州大学历史文化学院,西北少数民族研究中心,教授。著有《互动、调适与重构——西北城市回族社区及其文化变迁研究》,2007年;《多元一体格局的历史基建——历史学与人类学的双重视角》,《甘肃联合大学学报》,2006(6)等。

吴志明先生(Cary Zhiming Woo): 中国人民大学社会学系研究生,芝加哥大学交流访问学者;芝加哥大学财政紧缩和都市革新(FAUI)国际研究项目的中国协调人。在CSSCI和中文核心期刊发表论文10余篇,如《人口流迁与城市化:理解费孝通与霍华德》,2010年等。





12月4日(日) 抵达伦敦,入住酒店,稍作安顿,晚餐
12月5日(一) 参加费孝通教授诞辰100周年纪念大会并参观伦敦经济学院(内容详见本次大会的程序,会后聚餐)
12月6日(二) 参观大英博物馆、国会大厦、大笨钟、西敏寺教堂、首相府、兵马营、白金汉宫换岗仪式、鸽子广场、海德公园等
晚上:7:00-9:00 讲座
12月7日(三) 上午:参观牛津大学城,包括培养了众多英美政治家的学院、图书馆、博物馆等
晚上:7:00-9:00 讲座
12月8日(四) 上午:参观剑桥大学城,游览剑河、数学桥及培养了众多科学家的国王学院、三一学院等
晚上:7:00-9:00 讲座
12月9日(五) 自由参观与购物,下午飞机回国


£350 只参加会议 (12月4-6日 住宿两夜, 餐饮全包,交通全程)
£500 参加会议及公务 (12月4-9日, 住宿五夜, 包会议期间餐饮和交通)
£600 参加会议并参观 (12月4-9日, 住宿五夜, 餐饮全包, 交通全程)

1、 根据与会者的要求安排相应的公务活动并提供翻译
2、 住宿:伦敦3星酒店住宿(双人间,单人间 - 房差每间每晚35英镑)

*以上费用不含国际旅费,在英期间人身、财产保险(可在订机票时或国内机场购买,参考价大约为20-30元人民币): 在英期间行程外个人支出、收费电视、酒水及门票


Mr John Zheng
Sino-UK Educational Services Ltd
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即使仅参加会议无需交通食宿也需要发来回执便于准备茶歇和午餐及保持联系, 注意: 网上注册,可立即获得参加会议的确认。




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