Why and How the CPC Works in China?

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Why and How the CPC Works in China? (book launch for the revised English version)

Time: 16:00-17:00 16 Apriil 2012
Venue: Piccadilly Room,  Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London SW5 9TA
Chair: Zhang Haiou, Editor-in-chief, New World Press  
Speakers: Wu Shulin, Xie Chuntao, Kerry Brown, etc. 
Organiser: China International Publishing Group (CIPG)
Language: English and Chinese with translation

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16:00-16:03 Book Donation to the British Library (will be received by Dr Frances Wood, Head of the Chinese department)  
16:03-16:10 Speech by Wu Shulin, vice-Minister, General Administration of Press and Publication of China (GAPP)
16:10-16:20 A speech by Xie Chuntao (the author and editor)
16:20-16:30 An introduction of the Multilingual Editions, by copyright representative 
16:30-16:40 A speech by Dr Kerry Brown, China expert in the UK (Head of the Asia Programme at Chatham House; Head of the Europe China Research and Advice Network, ECRAN)
16:40-17:00 Q & A 

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Links of related info:

The new book

Why and How the CPC Works in China?
Editor: Xie Chuntao
Paperback: 225 pages
Publisher: New World Press (January 7, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 7510418828
ISBN-13: 978-7510418822

Editions include: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

The editor

Xie Chuntao is the deputy director of the Teaching and Research Department of CPC History at the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC. He was born in Linshu County, Shandong Province, in February 1963. From 1978 to 1988 he studied at Shandong Normal University, Zhejiang University and Renmin University of China, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in education, a master’s degree in law and a doctorate in law. He has been teaching and doing research on the history of the CPC at the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC since 1988. His publications include 'Turmoil of the Great Leap Forward' and 'A Brief History of the 1959 Mount Lushan Meeting'. He compiled and edited 'A History of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics', 'China in Transition: from 1976 to 1982', 'An Illustrated History of the 50 Years of the P.R.C'., and 'China Through the Ages – from Confucius to Deng' (English Version). In addition, he has published over 100 articles. He is now an executive council member and deputy secretary-general of the History Society of the CPC. He is also a guest professor and part-time researcher at many institutions of higher learning.


The international community has come to see China and the CPC in a new light because of a series of important achievements and symbolic events--from truly exceptional Beijing Olympic Games and world-attracting Shanghai World Expo to the country’s rapid economic growth even during and after the international financial crisis. As

“China pattern,” “China road” and “China experience” have become phrases frequently heard and discussed at home and abroad, insightful people are pondering over the following questions: How could the CPC score such brilliant achievements in the course of its running China? How can the CPC still be full of vigor and vitality 90 years after it was founded and 60 years after it came to power? How can the CPC continuously steer the country through hardships and overcome difficulties? What, in a word, is the secret of its success? Does it have special advantages in its system and mechanism?

This book presents a profound analysis and interpretation of 15 important questions that both domestic and international audiences may ask from a historical perspective. Not a theoretical book in the general sense nor a writing on the CPC’s history in the traditional manner, it is an attempt to combine both approaches in a new way. Through stories and based on facts, it is an easy-to-understand and readable book for those who are interested in current China and the ruling Communist Party. In a nutshell:

  • It explains the causes for the success of the CPC at different periods of time. 
  • It has interesting stories for a broad range of readers. 
  • It evaluates the CPC in an objective and academic way, including Western and Chinese commentary.


Preface: Solving the puzzles about the CPC

1. Why was the CPC capable of establishing a new China?
2. How was the CPC able to clear up the mess left behind by the KMT?
3. How did the CPC keep the people’s support despite its mistakes?
4. How did the CPC maintain power when the Eastern Bloc Communist Parties fell?
5. Why could the CPC solve the problem of feeding 1.3 billion people?
6. How could the CPC make China the world’s second-largest economy?
7. How could the CPC integrate socialism with the market economy?
8. Why could the system of multi-party cooperation under the CPC’s leadership be implemented?
9. How can the CPC get China’s various ethnic groups to live in harmony?
10. Why could prosperity and stability be maintained in Hong Kong and Macao?
11. Why does the relationship across the Taiwan straits keep making progress?
12. How could China win the support of so many developing countries?
13. How could the CPC conduct the earthquake relief work effectively and host the Beijing Olympic Games successfully in the same year?
14. Why is the CPC able to arouse and attract the people?
15. How can the CPC properly manage a party with more than 80 million members?
Concluding remarks: Can the CPC cope with challenges successfully?

Note: the 9 and 14 are new chapters which were written after its Chinese version had been published.


If you want to understand the secret behind the CPC’s success, you will find it much more efficient to read this book than to read 100 articles. It looks at the history and development of the CPC and its impact on the growth of China. It does not evade the setbacks and failures along the way. Many of your questions about China will be answered after you read it. --Zhao Qizheng, member of the CPPCC Standing Committee, and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee

The volume by Chinese scholars provides foreign readers with a good overview and a considerable amount of data on the evolution of the Communist Party of China (CPC) over nine decades. It offers Chinese perspectives on many complicated and sensitive subjects--even if foreign readers and scholars do not agree with these perspectives, they should still be aware of them. --David Shambaugh, Professor & Director, China Policy Program, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, USA

"The book is not a theoretical work in the traditional sense, nor an ordinary book on the history of the CPC, but an attempt to combine both organically. It is hoped that this book will increase the readers' understanding of the CPC through reviewing the history, achievements and experience of the Party in revolution and ruling the country."  -- Xie Chuntao, the author of the book and a professor with the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC.

"This book records the whole process from the foundation of the People's Republic of China to the modern construction of the country. For many people in other countries, who have misunderstandings about the CPC, this book is definitely a must read." -- Zhao Qizheng, the spokesman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

"This book is an important example of what China brings to the book fair every year," -- Claudia Kaiser, Vice President of the Frankfurt Buchmesse

"In order to deal with China, you have to understand the CPC, and in order to understand the CPC, you have to read this book."  -- Huang Yongjun, President of New Classic Press (UK)

"There are still many misconceptions about China that this book aims to overcome. An important point is that the book openly discusses the past mistakes of the CPC, including the issue of corruption. This is a big step forward."  -- Greg Jones, an exhibitor with a Chinese publishing company at the Frankfurt Buchmesse

"The media still often make the mistake of writing stories that are not based enough on fact. It is necessary to remember how far China has come in a very short space of time." -- Gerhard Friedemann, who has worked in China in the energy field

More info

The websites below provide more info about this book: 

Further comparative reading

A revised version of Why and How the CPC Works in China? has been launched on the 16th April at the 2012 London Book Fair. This book puts forward a new way of introducing China and the CPC to the world.

CCPN invited Kerry Brown, Head of the Asia Programme at Chatham House, to give a speech at the book launch event Why and How the CPC Works in China?  Martin Jacques, author of When China rules the World, Loretta Napoleoni, the author of Maonomics, were also invited, and will participate as Honorary Guests in this event, together with other UK based China experts.  

To form a contrast with the above book a list of related books on China and CPC from Western authors is introduced below:

  • Loretta Napoleoni, Maonomics: Why Chinese Communists Make Better Capitalists Than We Do? Seven Stories Press (20 Nov 2011). Loretta is economist, author, journalist and political analyst.On the 15 February 2012, she gave a public lecture at LSE. In her lecture 'she argued that current global economic turmoil is the beginning of the collapse of capitalism and the victory of "communism with a profit motive" (Commi-Capitalism), that the balance of power in the world is shifting from West to East, and that the Chinese Communist economic model is winning out over the Western system'. Click HERE to listen her lecture at LSE online or download it.  
  • Richard McGregor, The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers, Penguin (Jun 2010). Richard is China bureau chief for the Financial Times. He gave a public lecture at LSE, chaired by Martin Jacques, the author of When China Rules The World.  Click HERE to listen his lecture at LSE online or download it.
  • Martin Jacques, When China Rules The World: The Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World,  Allen Lane (June, 2009). Martin is a Guardian columnist, Senior Fellow of IDEAS and a Core Member of CCPN, LSE. He gave a public lecture at LSE. Click HERE to listen his lecture at LSE online or download it; Click HERE to download slides. Click HERE to read an interview article in Chinese by BBC.
  • Kerry Brown, Friends and Enemies: The Past, Present and Future of the Communist Party of China (China in the 21st Century), Anthem Press (1 July 2009). Kerry is Head of the Asia Programme at Chatham House; Head of the Europe China Research and Advice Network (ECRAN).  In October 2011 Kerry gave a seminar to students of the MSc China in Comparative Perspective at LSE. He said that the ego-based network described in Fei Xiaotong's book From the Soil:The Foundations of Chinese Society (1992), was very helpful when he wrote his book Friends and Enemies. Click HERE to read an interview article in Chinese by BBC.
  • David Shambaugh, China's Communist Party: Atrophy and Adaptation,  University of California Press (Feb 2009).  David Shambaugh, Professor & Director, China Policy Program, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, USA. According to the book description, 'David Shambaugh assesses the strengths and weaknesses, durability, adaptability, and potential longevity of China's Communist Party (CCP). He argues that although the CCP has been in a protracted state of atrophy, it has undertaken a number of adaptive measures aimed at reinventing itself and strengthening its rule. Shambaugh's investigation draws on a unique set of inner-Party documents and interviews, and he finds that China's Communist Party is resilient and will continue to retain its grip on power'. Its Chinese version, translated by Lu Zengkui and Wang Xinying, proofread by Yu Keping, published by the Central Compilation & Translation Press in 2011. David's blurb for Why and How the CPC Works in China? on the back cover.  Click HERE to look at it

There is a Chinese review article which offers Chinese scholars' views on a list of books on CPC. ‘Change, legitimacy and the future of the Chinese Communist Party - Western scholars’ recent studies on CPC’ (in Chinese), Contemporary World and Socialism, No 3, 2011, by Lu Zengkui. He is Associate Research Fellow of the Information Department of the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau (CCTB). Click HERE  to read the paper (Chinese).

More related books

Click HERE to Chinese page


 多语种新书: 《中国共产党为什么能?》

以下为《历史的轨迹: 中国共产党为什么能?》多语种更新版的新书发布会的基本信息:

4月16日, 星期一
《历史的轨迹: 中国共产党为什么能?》多语种更新版的新书发布会
时间: 4:15-5:30pm
地点: 伯爵宫Piccadilly Room
主持人: 新世界出版社总编张海鸥
演讲者: 邬书林, 谢春涛, Kerry Brown等
主办单位: 中国国际出版集团
协办单位: 英国伦敦经济学院中国比较研究网(CCPN)
语言: 中英交传

16:00-16:03 向大英图书馆赠书(大英图书馆中国部主任吴芳思博士Dr Frances Wood接受赠书)
16:03-16:10 中国新闻出版总署邬书林副署长讲话
16:10-16:20 编者谢春涛教授发言
16:20-16:32 外国研究中国学者凯利•布朗博士发言(Kerry Brown|,英国皇家国际事务研究所亚洲研究项目主任,欧洲中国研究及建议网络项目负责人)
16:32-16:40 版权方代表黄永军先生发言
16:40-17:00 提问环节


  • 凯利•布朗博士(Dr Kerry Brown) 皇家国际事务研究所亚洲研究项目主任,欧洲中国研究及建议网络项目负责人
  • 洛丽塔∙ 纳波利奥尼教授(Professor Loretta Napoleoni), 经济学家、政论分析家,《毛氏经济学:为什么中国共产党比我们资本家更能》作者
  • 马丁· 雅克博士(Dr Martin Jacques), 《卫报》专栏作家、《当中国统治世界》作者、伦敦经济学院IDEAS高级研究员和CCPN核心成员
  • Athar Hussain 教授, 伦敦经济学院亚洲研究中心主任(因病缺席)
  • 戴雨果教授(Prof Hugo de Burgh), 西敏寺大学中国传媒中心主任,校外联部主任
  • 麦克•比茨爵士(Lord Michael Bates), 英国上议院
  • 李文先生(Mr Raymond Li), BBC英国广播公司中文总监


  1. 上述嘉宾对此书进行了评论并对编者提出问题
  2. 大英图书馆中国部主任吴芳思博士(Dr Frances Wood) 因为被未更新的官方网页的信息误导没能到场, CCPN常向群博士代表她接受赠书




Why and How the CPC Works in China?
Editor: Xie Chuntao
Paperback: 225 pages
Publisher: new world press (January 7, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 7510418828
ISBN-13: 978-7510418822



谢 春涛,中共中央党校党史教研部副主任,教授,博士生导师。1963年2月生于山东省临沭县。1978年至1988年先后就读于山东师范大学、浙江大学和中 国人民大学,分别获教育学学士、法学硕士和法学博士学位。1988年起在中共中央党校从事中国共产党的历史和理论的教学研究工作。出版有《大跃进狂澜》和 《庐山风云:1959年庐山会议简史》等专著,主编有《中国特色社会主义史》、《转折中国:1976~1982》、《共和国五十年图史》、《中国简史—— 从孔夫子到邓小平》(英文版)等书,发表文章百余篇。2005年,被国务院授予全国先进工作者称号。现为中国中共党史学会常务理事、副秘书长,并被多所高 校和研究机构聘为客座教授或特约研究员。


无 与伦比的北京奥运会、举世瞩目的上海世博会,在世界金融危机背景下经济依然快速增长……这一系列重大成就和标志性事件,使国际社会对中国和中国共产党刮目 相看。随着“中国模式”、“中国道路”、“中国经验”成为国内外许多人耳熟能详的话题,一些有识之士在思考:中国共产党为什么能取得如此的执政成就?为什 么成立已经90年、执政超过60年,依然充满生机活力?为什么能够不断逢凶化吉、战胜困难?到底有哪些成功的秘诀?在体制和机制上有无优势?

本 书围绕国内外读者关注的15个重大问题,从历史的角度做了深入的思考和准确的解读,既不是一般的理论读物,也不是传统的党史著作,而是试图实现二者的有机 结合。 以故事讲思想,以事实讲道理,不仅极有针对性和说服力,还非常具有可读性,是一本真正意义上的广大党员群众看得进、读得懂、愿意读的党史通俗读物。  

  • 这是一部中国共产党的“成功学”,它解读了不同时期中国共产党取胜的原因;
  • 这是一部令人耳目一新的著作,“以故事讲思想”,不同层次的读者都会觉得好看;
  • 这是一部力求客观、准确地观察中国共产党的著作,“让别人来评述”,具有特别的说服力。


引言: 解读关于中国共产党的一个个“谜”
五、为什么能解决13 亿人的吃饭问题?
十五、为什么能管理好有近8000 万党员的大党? 



  • 如果你想了解中国共产党成功的秘密,阅读此书比读100篇专业文献更有效。 —— 赵启正全国政协常委、全国政协外事委员会主任、原国务院新闻办主任 
  • 诠释中国共产党的“能”已超出了西方政治现有的话语体系的能力,而当今中国政治转轨,社会转型,思想多样,利益多元的深刻变化,而要求创新党史研究和党史教育的思路与表达。对此,本书进行了很有价值的尝试。 —— 周明伟 中国外文局局长
  • 本书作者很多深刻的见解,来自于对党史的深刻了解和对史料的全面把握;来自于对人民群众需求的深刻了解和对问题的正确把握;来自于学者的使命感和责任感。 —— 李君如 全国政协常委、原中共中央党校副校长
  • 用这样生动而具体的方式向人们介绍我们成功的奥秘,向世界说明中国,尽可能地告诉他们中国共产党为什么能够成功。本书在这方面所作的探索是很有意义的。 —— 李忠杰 中共中央党史研究室副主任
  • 本 书的特色在于设问和回答。党史和党的理论著述应该有问题意识,即在现实语境中,自觉地发掘出人们对党史理论比较关注、不解或不太清楚的问题,发掘党史和理 论研究本身存在的尚需提炼进而使答案更加明确和直接的问题,将两者结合,便有了鲜明的主题和针对性,内容和叙述方式也会有所创新。 —— 陈晋 中共中央文献研究室副主任 
  • 这本由中国学者撰写的书,为外国读者了解中国共产党90年的发展提供了一个很好的概述和丰富的信息。本书对许多复杂而敏感的话题给出了中国观点。这些观点值得外国读者和学者关注,即使他们并不赞同。—— 沈大伟 美国华盛顿大学中国问题专家
  • 这本力作寓史于理,史论结合,坚持以事实说话,用故事来讲思想,用史实来阐明真理,精心选择编排使用所收集的事例和数据,把很深奥的道理通俗化、大众化。—— 邵维正 中国人民解放军后勤指挥学院教授、少将    


《历 史的轨迹:中国共产党为什么能?》的修订本的英文版于4月16日在2012年伦敦书展发布。此书以一种新的方式向世界介绍中国和中国共产党。 CCPN邀请了英国皇家国际事务研究所亚洲研究部主任凯利∙ 布朗博士在发布会上讲话。《中国统治世界》的作者马丁∙ 雅克博士和《毛式经济学》的作者洛丽塔∙ 纳波利奥尼教授也将作为嘉宾与英国的其他中国专家参加新书发布会。

CCPN还选择了几本相关的由西方作者撰写著作, 列举并简介如下:

  • 洛丽塔∙ 纳波利奥尼(Loretta Napoleoni), 《毛式经济学: 为什么中国共产党人比我们资本家更能?》(Maonomics: Why Chinese Communists Make Better Capitalists Than We Do? ), Seven Stories Press (2011年)。该书的作者经济学家、政论分析专家洛丽塔∙ 纳波利奥尼教授。她于2012年2月15日在伦敦经济学院作一场公开讲演。她认为, 当前的全球经济危机是资本主义崩溃的开始和‘盈利动机的共产主义’的胜利(共产-资本主义), 世界上的权力平衡正在从西方向东方转移, 中国共产党的经济模式已经战胜了西方系统。点击这里在线收听或下载。
  • 马德利 (Richard McGregor),《党: 中国共产党统治者的秘密世界》(The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers), Allen Lane(2010年6月)。作者为《金融时报》副主编, 他于2010年6月8日在伦敦经济学院发表演讲, 由《当中国统治世界》的作者马丁主持。点击这里在线收听或下载。
  • 马丁•雅克(Martin Jacques), 《当中国统治世界: 中央王国的崛起与西方世界的终结》(When China Rules The World: The Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World), Allen Lane (June, 2009)。马丁是《卫报》专栏作家,伦敦经济学院IDEAS的高级研究员和CCPN的核心成员。他于2010年1月13日在伦敦经济学院就该书发表演讲, 点击这里在线收听或下载; 点击这里下载PPT。BBC于2009年12月29日发表了对他的中文访谈, 点击这里阅读。
  • 凯利•布朗(Kerry Brown),《朋友和敌人: 中国共产党的过去、现在和未来》(Friends and Enemies: The Past, Present and Future of the Communist Party of China), Anthem Press (July 2009)。凯利是英国皇家国际事务研究所亚洲研究部主任, 欧洲中国研究及建议网络项目负责人。2011年10月他给中国比较研究硕士生作了一次讲座。讲座中他提到费孝通的《乡土中国》中的差序格局和网络等理论和 方法论有助于他撰写《朋友和敌人》一书。BBC于2009年12月30日发表了对他的中文访谈,点击这里阅读。
  • 沈 大伟(David Shambaugh),《中国共产党: 收缩与调适》(China's Communist Party: Atrophy and Adaptation). 加利福尼亚大学出版社(2009年2月)。沈大伟教授是美国华盛顿大学埃利奥特国际事务学院中国政策项目主任。根据此书介绍, ‘沈大伟评估了中国共产党的长处和短处, 耐久性, 适应性强, 和潜在的生命力。他认为, 虽然中国共产党在长期的萎缩状态, 它已采取了一些适应性措施, 旨在重塑自我, 并加强其统治。沈大伟的研究是基于一套独特的党内文件和采访。他的发现表明, 中国共产党是有弹性的, 将继续保持并抓住其权力’。此书的中文版由吕增奎、王新颖翻译,俞可平审定,中央编译出版社出版(2011年)。他为《为什么能?》这本书写的封底文字均 发表在该书的中英文版。点击这里阅读    


在此, 再提供一篇中国学者对一些西方学者关于共产党的著作的评论文章。吕增奎,‘变革、合法性与中国共产党的未来——近年来西方学者的中国共产党研究’, 《当代世界与社会主义》2011年第3期。吕增奎是中央编译局文献信息部研究处助理研究员.。点击此处|阅读此文(中文) 


Highlights 关注 Photo report - China through British eyes: launch of new books and donation of books 图片报道——英国人眼里的中国: 新书发布和赠书仪式 Photo reports: Roundtable Discussion on China and International Communications and Agreement-signing Ceremony between New World Press and Global Century Press 多视角看中国与国际传播圆桌会议暨 新世界出版社与全球世纪出版社合作出版签约仪式 Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig! 恭贺各位2019猪年新禧! Learning without Borders Global Education Comparative Study Centre (LwB-GEx) 学无国界全球教育比较研究中心 Himalayan Civilization Comparative Studies Centre (HCCSC) 喜马拉雅文明比较研究中心 Digital Interconnection and Intelligent Manufacturing — Social Change and Cultural Transformation in Global Society (Pre-GCD Forum) 数字互联和智造论坛——全球社会变迁和文化转型(对话前论坛) The 5th Global China Dialogue (GCD V): Governance for Global Justice 第五届全球中国对话:全球正义治理通知 Academic Publishing and Knowledge Service for China and China in Comparative Studies (Post-GCD forum) 中国及中国比较研究学术出版与知识服务论坛(对话后论坛) Photo report: Agreement-signing ceremony and launch of English edition of China’s Role in a Shared Human Future at the London Book Fair 图片报道《中国在人类命运共同体中的角色》 ​合作出版签约仪式在伦敦书展举办 Call for Participants to The 4th Global China Dialogue (GCD IV) The Belt and Road (B&R) -- Transcultural collaborations for shared goals 会议通知: 第四届全球中国对话 ——一带一路——为了共同目标的转文化合作 Post-Dialogue workshop - Chinese for social science 对话后活动 - 社科汉语工作坊 Greetings to launching of JCCP 《中国比较研究》创刊贺辞 Dec. 2015 Journal of China in Comparative Perspective was officially launched 《中国比较研究》 于2015年正式创刊
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